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Author Topic: Satines/Top hat escorts in Bracknell Memories  (Read 695 times)

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Thought I would raise a thread about this old agency...  Why?
I had a couple of my best ever punts there.. I guess it must have closed 5 or 6 years ago.
Amber was a really pretty and sexy welsh girl.  Lovely girl, beautiful body too.  Memorable for a couple of reasons.. Firstly her ridiculously soft nipples, but secondly the extraordinarily amount of pussy juice she produced when I fingered her clit to orgasm...
Secondly is Becky (went by another name too I think). Anyway, she's probably famous for having a little police trouble (ahem!), she wasn't he prettiest, but had the best sex in my life with her. Made her come twice (I never think orgasms are real, but there certainly were), and she bucked and writhed brilliantly. I found her incredibly sexy...

Anyone know where some of these girls (or others from there) are now?  It made Bracknell a go to place for a while.

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Apologies for the delay in responding but I'm new here and just found your post. I used Top Hat Escorts (also known as Satines) a couple of times about ten years ago. I saw Marianne first at an upstairs flat in Bracknell and had a good time, Top Hat had a good range of girls and seemed to be well organized. She is still working in Farnham, Surrey, see link below.


A little later I arranged exactly the same punt as you described with the two same girls, this time at a small modern house on the outskirts of Bracknell in Warfield, off Harvest Ride. Without doubt Amber, the welsh girl, was one of the best WGs I've ever been with. The other girl Becky was really nice in a chunky sort of way and gave me a memorable time. But it was Amber who really made the punt special and I have searched in vain on and off since to try and find her, hence stumbling on your post.

Anyway if I find anything I'll let you know but she has probably retired.

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