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Author Topic: Motive and opportunity  (Read 961 times)

Offline SUMO61

All of my punting is opportunity based. Taking the chance to punt when the coast is clear. I prefer it that way, as covering your tracks is hard work and takes the edge off the fun.

So, since I've been semi-retired, that has been a lot of punting with the free time and the OH at work. However, recently, with holidays and the Easter break, I've not been able to get away. So, more wanking than usual, to relieve the load.

I've noticed a few things with this. I've been associating going for a punt with the need to unload, when a quick wank solves the problem. I've saved a load of money. I've been filling my day with other stuff, instead of obsessing around on AW and planning punts..

I think i'm going ration the punting a bit, going forward. More of a monthly treat, than a weekly need to fulfil. It's not a money issue, I just think I was thinking " I must take this opportunity" which then became a new habit.

Anyone else relate to this?

Offline Malvolio

Very much so - I had the 'kid in a sweetshop' attitude when I started punting (and no other half to have to plan punts around).  Now I'm punting on the basis that I'll do it when I feel like it, rather than just because I can.

Offline Spunky34

I've been filling my day with other stuff, instead of obsessing around on AW and planning punts..

This is where I need to get to. My whole bank holiday weekend was spoiled when a punt I had planned for ages and was really looking forward to fell through a few hours before.  I then did something careless and stupid (non punting related) because I was still preoccupied with how pissed off I felt about it - which will cost me time, money and a lot of hassle for a while. 

I'm trying to be positive and tell myself that it could be the wake up call I need.  This is a hobby which is supposed to be fun, not something which makes me react so badly when things don't go to plan (which they frequently do not - the number of time wasters and scammers means the chance of a shit punt or no punt at all is always there).

Offline LL

Opportunity for me is the winning combination of time, cover-story for the missus and funds. If I have these 3 things then I will punt, generally. Sometimes when I don't actually feel horny. The punting phone and Viagra are usually within easy reach so no forward-planning is necessary. So yes I can relate to what you're saying.

Online RedKettle

I think alot of us go through some variant of that cycle.  I used to be more driven to keep getting the punts fitted in but I am alot more relaxed about it now.  I may have a spell where I punt on a weekly basis but them I might not bother for a month or so.

I used to love getting a girl to visit me if I was staying away in a hotel, it just seemed more relaxed and indulgent then going to them as I normally do, a small slice of the good life!!  So it became a routine each time I stayed away and then when there was a problem, like a girl cancelling at the last minute (I know you will find that hard to believe) there would be a frantic search for a plan B which would take up the whole evening and probably end up with either a crap punt or a wank! 

I realised that was stupid and got myself to be more relaxed about it and have a non punting plan B set up (advice from UKP).  However the last time I did see a girl in my room I sat there afterwards in a room that stank of perfume and thinking it was too late to do anything and I had wasted an evening.  Just felt really down!

To cut a long story short!!  My intention now is fewer punts and only when I really feel like it and hopefully because there is something special on offer - such as a really hot girl or a particular experience such as role play.

Offline SUMO61

Thanks for the replies all, good to hear your take on things.

As an aside, I sometimes feel i'm driven by the taboo/risk thing too. I quite enjoy the whole secret life scenario, being bollock deep into a fit bird, whilst others go about their normal lives...

A few WGs I've talked have said the same too. Being Ms Prim and Proper on the surface, but enjoying a secret life. One told me she found it very liberating, being able to be a secret slut, not having to conform etc..

Well, twenty years now, guess i'm not going to change my ways now :drinks:

Offline Sonny Crockett

I have certainly gone through phases in my punting life where in the first 4 years, I punted whenever I felt like it. Very rarely did I book punts in advance. In fact in my first 4 years of punting, I only booked about 3 punts in advance (two of those went ahead and one was cancelled at the last minute, leaving me completely frustrated).

Like one of the posters as mentioned, I did have that "kid in the sweet shop" mentality where I chose to embark on punts based on how good the WGs photos were, and that they did anal. This didn't serve me well in the main, as the majority of the punts were rubbish (though I did have some magnificent meets).

From my return in spring 2014 to early 2015, I became far more selective in whom I chose to meet up with for my punts, due to being more experienced and knowing what kind of service I liked. Although I was selective, I was still punting depending on my mood and when I was free from work. However that period was my best ever punting period as I had excellent punts in the main, and also as I was booking my punts on the day and when I was in the mood for it, I did not endure any the crap that a punter goes through when booking in advance. It was my happiest period of punting.

In 2014 I only booked 3 punts in advance (all went ahead). I had 13 overall.

In 2015, I did 22 punts. Of those 22 punts that went ahead, only 8 were booked in advance. However I had booked 14 punts in advance. 6 of those punts were either cancelled or the lady wasted my time and thus the punt didn't go ahead. 2015 was the year where I started to plan my punts in advance so to give me the best chance of seeing popular ladies and having a great time, and I must say it was a pretty mixed bag.
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Offline pictisunum

I think it's very important to evaluate your motivation for punting.  I reviewed my reasons a few years ago and concluded that although most of it was without concern, there were circumstances where my punting rates increased and I was more likely to make injudicious punting decisions.  In my opinion all punters should think about the hobby in terms of compulsive / addictive behaviour.  In my "review" it was apparent that my punting frequency substantially increased when personal /professional life was either challenging / stressful or a bit monotonous / under-stimulating.  Well shagging hot 20 / 30somethings is a delightful distraction. I also found like a gambler incurring a big loss, a bad punt would have me punting again soon trying to compensate.

Since the review (and for the last 3 - 4 years) my punting frequency has settled to once or twice monthly, with occasional punting flurries when gripped by the horn.  I feel that this is the right ratio for me and in balance with the rest of my life.  Wouldn't give it up though as shagging hot 20 / 30somethings is a delightful experience.

Offline Sonny Crockett

Much, Much better to punt when you are in the mood and book a WG on the day. It is just so much simpler and hassle free. You get the location details and Bob's Your Uncle. You make the journey to the WGs place.

Booking in advance is too much fucking hassle. There's just far more room for messing about and bullshit in the days leading up to the punt. Then the WG cancels on you, or never bothers contacting you when you ask for location details. Too much mental baggage and such a drain.
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