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Author Topic: Lily of Edmonton N9  (Read 1430 times)

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Well that was fun. She was plan C after 2 other ladies I knew before were busy. But she was worth it. £80 for a leisurely hour. I find that even if the fun does not last the full hour the better service, the attitude with which it is given, the mutual fun, and the sense of relaxation makes it worthwhile, especially when the donation goes up in smaller steps rather than doubled from a half hour to the full hour.

I phoned, we spoke and we listened, she texted the address, I drove, I texted arrival, she told me the house number and bingo. A clean simply appointed modest terraced house not far from Edmonton Green shopping area. Her English is excellent, not sure if UK born but Polish and Turkish parents, seems settled here.

The heating was only just coming on but she soon warmed me up. We did the money, I did a pee, which always allows me to assess the premises (clean) and I noticed another lady there in another room. Sparsely furnished basic bedroom, only one pillow, a small towel, no duvet. 

She was about the same height as me, which is always interesting for looking into her eyes. She asked me what I liked and I said I am always happy with my mouth full which took a few minutes to sink in. She smiled at me. We snogged and cuddled on the bed for ages, then I licked and sucked her most responsive nipples and blew gently into her navel, which always raises a laugh.

She is a large lady I mean plump 14 or 16 but plump all over in proportion with an hour-glass figure but huge boobs, very attractive, no overhanging belly, great hips, looks younger than her declared years which may baffle the cynics. Not everyone likes plump legs also. I do. And as for her thighs … I went down on her and sucked intensely for ages and ages and she came. While doing this I had my arms around her thighs and they are huge and sensitive. She declined fingers inside. All the while she fondled mister happy who was hard pretty well as soon as we kissed. She has a small tattoo on lower back. 

I went back up and kissed her and said ‘now you know how you taste’ and she said she already knows, with a throaty laugh and called me a naughty boy. (Yes I know I can be gross). She declined to suck me without protection and so gave me good oral with an umbrella, I then went for a woof woof covered doggy which we both enjoyed until I withdrew and went for her ample boobs and hand strokes with added moisturising cream for a sensuous happy and prolonged end. Not my usual but it worked this time.

She cleaned me up and we had a good post-coital conversation. She might be quitting for more conventional work at the end of the year, or at least that is her ambition so if anyone likes a plump, tender and smiling young lady in North London go for it soon.

So my verdict is clear, positive and good value.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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