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Author Topic: Street Scene in West Mids?  (Read 531 times)

Offline Geetaw1

Years ago places like Wolverhampton used to be teeming with WGs of varying standards on the streets. But you knew what you got: £20 for a dirty, seedy bit of action. If not very good, then no big deal Having wasted £90 on a crap punt on Saturday I am thinking of going back to the street scene again - except does it even exist anymore?

I know that when I started on it 6-7 years ago, the women were the rougher end of the trade. But even so, I enjoyed 95% of these punts, from times when the WG HATED it to them being absolutely rampant.

Where can I find such girls these days?  :unknown:

Offline NIK

Discussion of the street scene in general isn't prohibited, but nor is it encouraged.

However specific descriptions of paricular areas has been removed as this might be misconstrued by those who wish to harm UKP.

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