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Author Topic: SweetasCandii of Leeds  (Read 914 times)

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Online mrfishyfoo

Of all the girls I have seen in my 25 year punting career the number I have been back to more than once I can count on one hand. Candice Sweet is one of those girls. Candii/Candice as she calls herself now had been on my radar for years from when she first started out as Exotic Ruby. Not sure if its a price thing as OMFG she's expensive or perhaps I was a little intimidated by her but whatever reason I never got round to seeing her until quite reecntly.

https://www.adultwork.com/1159421 or https://www.adultwork.com/SweetAsCandii

So here we go.

First I am going to describe her as I find many reviews lack this important detail.

Fluffy as it may sound Candice is so much better in the flesh than what she is in any of the photos I have seen of her. She stands at just about 5’7” and has a gym fit size 6/8 toned athletic body with all the right curves and no fat. Facially she is very cute with nicely defined high cheek bones and piercing puppy dog blue eyes. Her shoulder length brown/brunette hair has light brown tints running through it. If you saw her in a club she is the girl you would be staring at like an idiot until one of your mates started laughing at you because your tongue had hit the floor. I would say that her stated age of 28 is about right. The only slight if I was being really picky is that her breasts are enhanced. That said the surgeon who did them was a real artist as they are nice to the touch and her nipples are very responsive.  One thing to be aware of though is that she does like her tattoos. She is covered in them and has a huge in your face one all over her back. Personally I think that the body art she has is absolutely fantastic but I would say that being a fan of that sort of thing.

In a word STUNNING.

This slot was pre-booked for 1 hour at 10:00AM a full week before it was meant to happen. Initially the plan was for this to be waxing torture full stop. This is actually the 3rd time I have let her wax me having previously once done then had a quick suck and fuck afterwards. Being greedy I asked if the session could be extended to 2 hours 3 days before so that I could get in proper punt, instead of a quickie, after my balls had been done. In other words a 2 part session with very different aspects to consider.

So cometh the day cumeth the fun. We had been baiting each other by text all week long so I knew I was going to be in for something special. How special I was to find very soon.

I sent Candice a “morning” by text and got a reasonably quick reply letting me know she was running 10 minutes behind. I turned up at 0945 and got parked up in the NCP at the front of the building.

It’s a nice safe modern apartment block about 5 minutes from the train station. Parking is plentiful if you know where to find it so for the newcomer be early and have plenty of change.

Surprisingly bang on 10:00AM I got the “I’m ready” text so for a change I went in through the front door. There is a concierge desk, which was unmanned, and also a back and a side door if you know where to look. I usually, excuse the pun, go in through the back door. A light tap of the door and then the click of heels. From behind the door emerged Candice Sweet and fuck me she looked stunning in 5” heels and a black and white polka dot thong bodysuit. I mean really as my cock started twitching and I still wasn’t through the door. As soon as the door shut behind me she just dived in and snogged my face off. Good girl as she stuck her tongue in my mouth and we played tongue tennis with each other. Now I was well up for the kissing but I was also up for getting the pain out of the way and getting into the room.
A shower was offered and declined and then onto the massage table she has in her apartment for part one of this two part show.

What followed was just short of an hours chat and intense pain. Who needs to go to see a dom when you can have this level of pain inflicted in such a sensitive area. OMFG I was loving it. The sensation as the hair is ripped out is insane. Well else can I say ?? Oh yeah I was horny as hell and the more hair Candice ripped off my balls and shaft the more turned on it got me and fuck me did I know that she knew it !! Touching me, caressing me and teasing me which was driving me crazy as she finally announces you are done. Out with the oil, the teasing continued, as it was now cock and ball clean up/massage time. Oil is required immediately after a wax to loosen and help remove any debris.

Into the shower for me to get cleaned up. It’s a well-stocked bathroom with lovely big towels and a powerful shower.

Part 1 of this part 2 show done.

Having been assaulted and tortured by Candice during my waxing I had entered the Candii Store feeling horny as a horny man can be. I had a towel around my waist and a rock solid cock. Anyway to business. I had told Candice what was on my shopping list prior to our meet and it read as follows :-

1.   DTOWO to completion with CIM
2.   Yummy yummy licky licky yum yum and make her cum
3.   Second blow within the hour and I do not care how it’s done.

I found Candice lying on the bed so I beckoned her to me. She stood on the bed and towered over me, I’m 6’2”, as she bent down and snogged my face off. Umm just how I like it with plenty of tongue tennis and tonsil hunting. Candice now dropped to her knees and whipped the towel from around my waist. My balls got licked and sucked then my cock was just swallowed as she proceeded to give me DTOWO as I stood infront of her. I mean really !! This girl can suck cock and OMFG she gave mine a real sucking. I was then told to lie on the bed, yes mistress, and the DTOWO assault continued after another most agreeable licking and sucking for my balls. Well as she said afterwards she really did need to make sure nothing had been missed during the waxing. Now I don’t quite know how she does it, without choking or gagging, as Candice got into her stride and worked the full length of my shaft whilst she was also lightly scratching the tops of my legs and my balls. Candice was doing all the work here I was just lying there groaning and moaning as she did her thing. There was no doubt whatsoever now about where this was going to end. I exploded in her mouth and she did not back off until she had absolutely sucked me dry and taken every last drop from me. There was no cum dribbling down her face or my cock, not with this girl, as every last drop had been collected. At this point a quick trip was made to the bathroom to dispose of the evidence. He !! He !! That’s what I call DTOWO to completion. I was a wreck as I lay on the bed quivering.

Umm that’s item number 1 on my shopping list ticked off.

Candice now lay next to me on the bed and the DFK carried on. Damn can she kiss. This moved onto a lovely smooch and cuddle which is exactly what I would expect from GFE. I then proceeded to explore her with my tongue as I kissed her ears, her neck her everything as I started to work my way down. I removed her body suit and now it was my turn to tease as I licked her from end to end. I had to take my time with those lovely nipples of hers as it would have been rude not to, umm responsive is what they are.  I finally settled on her perfectly laser smooth pussy. Yes that’s right not a hair to be found as she has had them zapped. Time for me to give that lovely clean pussy a licking and by a licking I mean I really did go to town on her as I know from prior experience that she ain’t just going to cum like that for a bloke, you have to work on her to get a reaction. Boy oh boy did I get a reaction as she finally, after about 10 minutes, started to ride my face and had a shuddering orgasm the likes of which cannot be faked even by the most finest of actresses.

Umm that’s item number 2 of my 3 items ticked off the shopping list.

Of course all this playing with pussy had got my cock a twitching. Candice had also noticed this so she went for a look. She kissed her way down my body as she teased me on her way to my balls which then got licked, kissed and sucked. Candice was looking at me while she did this and oh wow is all I can say, I mean really, what a turn on. She then started to work on my shaft and it was back to DTOWO as again my cock got a most excellent seeing to. I mean OMFG those eyes as she stared intently at me whilst sucking my cock. HEAVEN !! Then it was Sagami 002 condom time which I applied as she was quite rightly concerned that she may damage the condom with those somewhat sharp nails of hers. Candice climbed on board in cowgirl and started to ride me like a goodun. She asked me if cowgirl was going to do the trick or would sir require more sucking before we did more fucking ?? Sucking was my reply so off she got and proceeded to action my request. What can I say as I nearly blew my second load into her mouth. On with another 002, which again I applied, and it was doggie time in the expectation that a second load would now definitely be forthcoming. I mounted her from behind in closed leg doggie and I slowly fucked her. I mean OMFG what a sight as I was buried balls deep whilst bouncing off the finest gym toned arse that it has been my pleasure to bounce against for years. Candice now repositioned herself so that her legs were outside mine so that I could find the angle and drive my cock in all the way to the hilt. He !! He !! Is all I can say for that as I drove my shaft in and out of her. I then gradually picked up the pace whilst massaging her g-spot with the end of my cock. No need for any encouragement here as I began pounding her harder and harder. The noises Candice was now making told me that she was going to cum again, wow fuck me is all I can say for that, as she had another shuddering orgasm. Well there was no let off for me as I now took the pace to an even higher level. I must admit that I thought my heart was going to explode but it wasn’t my heart that exploded as I now totally emptied what was left in my balls into the condom.

Job done and my shopping list was completed.
Condom off as Candice helped me to clean up and then we both collapsed on the bed laughing our heads off as we held each other and indulged in a mutual session of post coital quivering. By now my time was nearly up but instead of throwing me out we had another lovely kiss and a cuddle. I then asked if she fancied a massage as she clearly wasn’t done with me yet. Candice then demonstrated to me just how flexible she is as she was a pole dancer for years and still has all the moves.  Time for another quick shower and the business now got sorted. I left Candice her reward on the table and again got my face snogged off before saying my goodbyes. I left the flat at 12:25 a full 25 minutes over.

Well what can I say ?? I was absolutely destroyed and there was not a drop of cum left in me. What a result. I mean really how good was that ??  In my book I simply cannot fault Candice as a companion during the time we shared together or the service that I received. I still have a huge smile on my face and I have a hard on as I write this. Was it worth the £300 it cost me ?? Well that’s subjective isn’t it as for me it could not have been any better. I just cannot wait to get back to her to do it all again.

33 review(s) found for Sweet.Candice linked to in above post (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline daveev

So did she have her toes painted, i'm sure you left this out  :D

Good review. I have my favourites and all but there's always temptation to book this beauty just because of her looks.
DTOWO you described is as I remember. Quality girl.

I was always interested in booking her waxing service before the punt but never got around to it.
Now I know how it looks. Is it possible for you to estimate how long does it take ?

Online mrfishyfoo

So did she have her toes painted, i'm sure you left this out  :D

Ha !! Ha !! I never looked as feet are so not my thing  :lol:.

Online mrfishyfoo

Good review. I have my favourites and all but there's always temptation to book this beauty just because of her looks.
DTOWO you described is as I remember. Quality girl.

I was always interested in booking her waxing service before the punt but never got around to it.
Now I know how it looks. Is it possible for you to estimate how long does it take ?

Waxing takes 30-45 minutes. If I am being honest its far cheaper and much better value in a proper salon. BUT a salon won't give you a BJ then sit on your cock will they  :diablo: :diablo:

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