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Offline robbiemac

Is the Chinese massage in Crewkerne still up to scratch guys?  Got Thursday off work and fancy a nice massage and hj.  ;)  Tried Crewkerne last year and got wanked to a shattering climax by a slightly older lady.  40's 'maybe?  She had me vibrating head to toe.
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Offline robbiemac

Okay,I'll answer myself - Yes it is!!!  Spent an hour yesterday in the wonderful hands of Sally, and was smiling all the way home.

I'd booked an hour, got there at 3, walked in and was greeted by a very pretty girl in her 20's.  I thought, hello this looks promising.  Shown into a lovely warm room and told to strip and lie on the bed.  Did so, waited a couple of minutes, and then a different girl came in with a huge smile on her face.  This was Sally.  Probably in her 40's but a great body and a really friendly manner.  Told her I was in the mood for a soft sensual massage with oil, and she went to work.  Fantastic.  This girls hands are magic.  Long slow strokes over your whole body, lots of attention paid to the spot between your balls and asshole while her other hand wanders all over you.  Occasionally she lets out a little mmm sound, which is very sexy.  We chatted now and then and I asked what other types of massage she offered.  She reeled off a list and I asked about B2B.  She said maybe, so I guess this could be an option when she gets to know you.  Didn't want to push it being a newish customer.

After 35 minutes, lovely hot towels came out to get the oil off my back, and she asked me to turn over.  A big cushion under my head, and she started on my front.  I was about semi-hard at this point, and Sally stroked my body, occasionally lifting my cock out the way to stroke my stomach - then the HE question!  Yes please honey says I - like I'm gonna say no!!  God she's good at this.  No frantic beating the meat.  Lots of slow oily stroking, rubbing your balls, and little murmurs of encouragement.  Changes her hand action often, sometimes using both.  I lasted about 5 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore.  As I blew she was softly saying stuff like yeah baby, that's it, and she seems to love what she does.  A very quick clean up, then straight back to the massage.  Long gentle strokes all over my body, lots of comments about how flat my stomach is, and do I work out!  (Fuck no - the heaviest thing I ever lift is a pint)!  A facial massage, scalp massage, then again the wonderful scrub down with the hot towels to get the oil off.  Amazing experience.

While I was dressing we chatted about her place, and I told her I was definitely coming back again and asked if it was her who always did the massage.  She said no, there were 2 other girls  I assume one was the young babe who greeted me, but I didn't see anyone else although I sometimes heard female voices from upstairs.  Told Sally I'd rather see her anyway which produced a massive smile.  This girl is a treasure and a great masseuse, and the place is very secretive about what they do, and want to keep it that way.  (So I guess we've fucked that up)!  If it wasn't 2.5 hours away from me, I'd go there once a week.  Bus & train adds £29 to the cost of £40 an hour massage, plus £20 for the HR.  I'll have to make it a once a month treat.

Honestly guys, I've been to parlours all over Britain and I've never felt this good.  I love the way Sally turns you over and gets the HR out of the way so she can carry on with the massage, relaxing you totally.  I hate it when the girl beats you off with 15 minutes to go and then fucks around, pretending to clean up - short changing you on your time.  You don't get that here.  After I cum I had a full 15 minutes of pampering.  I can't rate this place high enough.  Sally I will see as often as I can afford, but I wouldn't mind trying the younger girl I met today!  She looked very cute.  :)
I didn't want to write this review, I really wanted to be selfish and keep it to myself.  But why be a member here if I can't share?  Try it out.  Just be respectful and fun, don't push things, be cool, and you'll have an amazing time.  Awesome place. 
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Excellent review!

The young girl sounds a great option for me, I wonder if they do body-to-body?


Terry  :timeout:

Offline devonred

I got offered Body to Body after about my 3rd visit which has slowly evolved into B2B and a tit wank to completion.

Offline HawkG

I've only ever seen Sally, and yes she's tremendous.  Got B2B from 3rd visit onwards, I think.  Haven't been for a while, must go back soon.

Offline robbiemac

I did ask Sally about oiled B2B, and she was like hmmm maybe.  I said not now, maybe sometime as I'll be back regularly, and she seemed pretty cool with it.  I get the impression the girls here want to get to know you first.  They seem to want regulars.  They are very very discreet about what they offer.  I was stunned to get offered HE on my first visit, and told her, but Sally must have recognised a horny old guy!!  Up there in my top 3 hanjobs ever.  Amazing woman.  When she was wanking me off, I saw her looking at the clock and said something.  She was like don't worry, I want to make sure I have time to finish your massage.  Such a change from rub and tug.  My last 15 minutes in her hands were wonderful.

This place is a real real gem.  I'd love to try the young girl, she's very hot,  but I've already booked another 90 min session with Sally next week.  This time a little harder.  But thinking about Sally and the young one together in a 4 hander!  Tempting.  I'll let you know.
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Sounds good, my first review on here was this place.

Gotta get back soon.

Offline robbiemac

Definitely feel this place is a gently gently approach.  The girls are really friendly, but they are very discrete too.  Sally, (who I think could be the owner), said to me that they deliberately don't advertise massage on the outside of the shop, as people just get the wrong idea.  Very true!  So far, I haven't pushed anything.  I had my hand on Sally's ass while she got me off fully clothed, and she didn't mind.  She seemed to enjoy having her cheeks fondled though.

Having seen the young girl who greeted me, I'm really thinking about a 4 hand visit.  If she has half the skills of Sally, that would be bliss.  Going back next week for an hour with Sally  Now I've established a relationship, I'll ask a few more questions.

I'll keep you posted guys.
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Offline robbiemac

Sadly, due to a slight health problem, had to ring Sally and cancel.  She was great about it, sounded genuinely upset and hoped I was okay.  I said yeah, and told her I would re-book for next week.  She laughed and said good, as she'd had fun with a very horny guy!!  What a babe she is!
It will be about 14th/15th when I get there now.  But I'm going to explore the 4 hand and b2b options this time - see what's on offer.  She obviously likes me, so why not?

Has anyone sampled the younger girl yet?
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Offline HawkG

I've never seen anyone other than the legendary "Sally". TBH, she's good enough that I'm not fussed about seeing anyone else

I'm very interested in hearing how good, and how expensive, four-hand options are, though

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