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Author Topic: Swytch - Use you main phone as a burner phone  (Read 872 times)

Offline punther

Just saw another member mention this in their review and sounds like it could be useful for some punters



there was a good thread on it a few weeks a go, think it was before you did a jesus and were resurrected.   :lol: :lol: :lol:


Offline punther

think it was before you did a jesus and were resurrected.   :lol: :lol: :lol:


must have missed out on so much!

Offline Nagilum

I have been using it for my punts. Done so for 2 months. It's good but can be tempromental if you are out of a 3G and 4G area it won't wor. You also may lose signal, and may need to reset the app. Sometimes the app just crashes which is an issue if you are waiting for a text back.

Conclusion: it's ok but be cautious of it crashing, as you may think they girl hasn't replied.

Online rumbler

Personally I wouldn't touch their service with the amount of personally identifiable information they say they collect in their privacy policy and that it get's shared with 3rd parties.

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