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Author Topic: Mulata - Gorgeous ebony in Kingston  (Read 698 times)

3 review(s) for Mulata (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline drwho


I'd been following this girl's profile for a while and noticed she moves around between Twickenham, Borough, Elephant, Sutton and Kingston and after noting down her number I realised this also changes depending on where she is ie. She isn't indie and doesn't answer the phone.

Booked her and arrived in a residential street to be offered a choice of 2 girls, 1 white 1 black.
'Mulata' walked into the room topless which was an early treat and there was no doubt which girl I was about to choose.

I thought at first that she was the girl on the profile but looked much better in real life, but only later realised that unlike the profile pictures she was completely tattoo free.
She's the best looking black girl I've been with. Tall, large but firm breasts (if they're enhanced they're done very well)
Great skin and long smooth hair. She said she was half Cuban half Spanish and resembled the girl in the photos racially.
Didn't bother with a shower nor was it encouraged.
Then the thing that makes this not a positive - no kissing.
A bad start unfortunately which always frustrates me.
She seemed to be timewasting by fiddling with her phone to select music, then unwrapping the condom and what felt unnecessary attention to taking out another empty plastic bag to bag up the wrapper and then tieing it up.

Covered oral was quite good with plenty of eye contact.
She got on top of me and rode me nicely. Good and tight with circular grinding. I switched to missionary after a while but could feel myself getting close to cumming so pulled out and tried to give her oral but was refused unfortunately.

Went back in and filled the condom. I was pretty sure there would be no offer of seconds for the remaining 10 mins so had to content myself with enjoying looking and stroking her body. She got dressed after 5 mins or so and left me in the room to dress myself.
Saw a very nervous looking punter in the front room on the way out.

Close to being a negative due to lack of kissing and RO and general intimacy, but gets a Neutral for me as I enjoyed fucking such a good looking black girl.
£60 30 mins
I asked if kissing was available as an extra but she said no

3 review(s) found for Mulata linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Wow my experience almost mirrors yours. Although she was friendly her body and face definitely made up for the lack of enthusiasm during the sex.  Was abit confused as to why she didn't want me to give her oral aswell, hope she hasn't got anythingr . Would give her a neutral but had to fight the temptation to go back there the following night.
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