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Offline Gooner4Life

Pass your A-Levels, you'll get more bookings.

i just love bbw women there are so fucking hot and they have curves

Online Marmalade

Anth did some homework - a hobby of his. I've only had a quick gander but two photos are a lot more than 'one has no make up.' On one photo your face is fat, on the other it is thin. Apart from the other things he points out, most clients like honesty. It's not a family scrapbook to reminisce over how you were in a previous lifetime. Fortunately for you, some men like women who are obese. So simply spend an evening taking some 'best shot' photos. There are plenty of online tips on taking glamour pics. Honesty isn't about unwashed hair unless your clients have a fetish for that. It just means selecting stuff your clients want to see and that you are prepared to offer.

Pictures of genitalia licked by other men is a turn off for many men unless they are up to speed on gang bangs. But if you do want to include fanny shots I think seductive ones are a better bet than splashing it all on a plate before he gets there.

i just love bbw women there are so fucking hot and they have curves

Of course they're hot!  Look how much fucking insulation they've got  :sarcastic:

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