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Author Topic: Challenge: CC Hat-trick  (Read 585 times)

Offline jingleballicks

For those bored with their hobby and looking for a fresh angle or a new idea:

Go to the place known as

Ten Floors of Whores or
The Chelsea Patisserie or
City of Women (I wonder what Fellini would have made of this place, and can imagine Marcello Mastroanni wandering the corridors with a bemused expression; actually I know what Fellini would say: not enough BBWs)

and make 3 sequential punts at once; you're allowed a break - maybe in the Bibendum Oyster Bar to replace lost protein.

You could organise your girls by age of size or nationality, or however you want - CC is your lobster!
Banning reason: Troll

Offline nigel4498

Are you on commission?
The place is full of EE's.
Best avoid.

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