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Author Topic: Recognizing EE Profiles  (Read 1193 times)

Offline Corus Boy

I get the impression that Sergei is not listing Romanian on some of the newer profiles, these profiles soon get excluded from searches if you exclude Romanian during the search.

I'm not sure if I'm correct but I get an instant 'gut' feeling from the profile photos, because the one thing Segei is good at is picking his photographers! However the pictures do have a similar look and feel abouth them.

A couple of samples;



Neither list a Nationality but I bet that a phone call later will be answered by a sweet European accent or a text saying 'txt me bby'

Both ladies appeal to me but a trip to Tudor Street will lead to a disappointment :(

Posh Models have had a facelift


I've also applied for a job with them, I've asked if I could be a chair for Natalie

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Offline Corus Boy

How would you keep the arms level?  :P

Offline Redevil86

Tudor st, the green door I presume, if so that's where my early punting shit happened , poshmodels, not done this type of thing but £120 an hour strikes me as competitive on the pricing  for this type of thing.

Online HughJardon

Yes the 2 lovelies above look smashing, and nothing coming back from the Mighty Eye of Tin !!!

Poshmodelescorts...well you still wont get the chair thats advertised it will be a larger slightly older chair  :sarcastic:

Online HughJardon

Pissed myself when I saw this sweeties attempt at "sucking in" her stomach, on some pics she uses her hands and even a chair to cover her mid rift up  :lol: :lol: oh Id still fuck her btw
https://www.adultwork.com/3357655 or https://www.adultwork.com/hoot%40chrissa

Offline Corus Boy

Now where did Sergei copy and paste this one from?  :D

"...I love guys who worship my juicy black arse it gets me wet..."


Perhaps he forgot to take his shades off?

Offline Corus Boy

And this one swaps from the 1st and 3rd person at will!


I think Sergei is getting confused.  Look at the name on this one.


So frustrating, there are some absolute stunners in Swansea, but they are all Roma.  Once bitten...no four times bitten, never again.

Offline Redevil86

Same in Cardiff, same all over, I had 4 / 5 bad experiences early on and it's good to go through that in hindsight , as its all part of the learning process , if you don't due to mainly this site or damned good luck, you will lack the perspective and second sence / 3'rd eye element to your punting arsenal , at least that's what I tell my self when I look back and wollow in the bliss of shit punts gone by! Don't half make you appreciate the average punts , and I could  wank all week over the stellar ones !

Raysa in Swansea is a Romanian girl. A lot prettier than her pictures suggest. Willing to wear those killer boots with a latex outfit, perfectly made up and very willing and enthusiastic.

Well worth the money, she'll be around for two months apparrently.

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Online HughJardon

Great work Sancerre drafting a review would help others out, especially up the badlands of Swansea  :wacko:

I think Sergi is rapidly running out of pics!

I notice these all have same pic!



I've seen these pics on other profiles too but can't find them at the mo!

A good spot KTM.

There's at least another two with same pic but I guess they must have 'moved on' & out of my search area!

Offline Redevil86

K t m, not knowing how this works as I still only use my I phones, you say search area , Ones in Llanelli and the others in Edinburgh ? do you mean age, size hair etc as opposed to area , geography wise , this is why you guys like Hugh etc are invaluable to this site.

yeah - geography wise. I usually only search within a 35 mile radius but I've seen the Edinburgh girl working from Swansea in previous searches.

These EE girls are hard to keep track of - They move all over the country (or at least the fake profile does) every couple of weeks/months!

Offline Redevil86

Yep, I just avoid them, there's a couple I would book but you still don't generally get the intimacy you can built with a regular, Thay don't hang about long enough to be a regular.

Online HughJardon

Not only did I recognise the below profile but I just visited.


I thought I was on to a winner as it was the girl dressed up as a copper, tall very hot. But she quoted me different prices and confirmed no DFK or OW with her. Would have loved her too sit on my face...Newport Road area

Offline ledley

for the romanians i have taken a punt with i always record their phone numbers in my punting phone. The good ones are saved with a name that reflects positive experience. For the bad ones I keep them on a blacklist on my phone. It is a clever thing to do because i think most punters at some point get swayed into the EE spell (even when we know we shouldn't) and then proceed to book an appointment and then as typing the number in it matches one off the blacklist and instantly i come to my senses and the temptation dies.   :D

Online HughJardon

Very savvy advice mate, Ive been doing that for a while now, I took the idea from your good self. I think Ive been missing the ego massaging girls at HNDF this last week, so have been toffting more as a result.

Offline ledley

Very savvy advice mate, Ive been doing that for a while now, I took the idea from your good self. I think Ive been missing the ego massaging girls at HNDF this last week, so have been toffting more as a result.

Toftt is certainly appreciate by us fellow punters so thanks for that. I think it is a gd investment for u personally as well to avoid risks of shit punts in future. For example if ever i want a really good punt but dont want to risk an asian shop or new EE, my go to is amy (polish)

Online HughJardon

Its just the game we all play and any techniques and help along the way are very much appreciated by me are fellow members and the numerous amount of lurkers that pass this way.
Also I must agree, you cant beat SLM (sexy little amy) shes a very consistent performer. Always rings my bell

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