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Author Topic: Mothers and Wives Vs Prostitutes  (Read 4153 times)

Well, I'm not going to get into a long argument about it but in most cultures throughout history, marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman sealed by sexual intercourse.  In most marriage vows there is a section where the parties give themselves to the other unconditionally.  This includes sexually.  It also means that in the marriage contract, the starting point is that consent to sex has been given because that's what the vow says.  The change in the law which was made in the 1990s cuts across that and was designed to deal with the situation where the marriage is in difficulties and essentially that consent had been withdrawn.

Logically, there is a difficulty in having made a vow to consent to something and then saying that you have to consent to each and every individual instance.  Either you've consented or you haven't - our current law confuses the issue.  I agree that consent can be withdrawn but I don't agree that in marriage, consent has to be given in each individual instance.  Most cultures would hold that such an arrangement is not marriage.

Mind you to be honest, most people's views of what actually constitutes "marriage" bears no relationship to cultural, historical or legal reality at all.


Offline Ali Katt

I think the fact that some members on mumsnet refer to punters as "pervy weirdoes", pretty much sums up the level of maturity of the women on the board. They probably still refer to sex organs as willies and front bottoms.
I have to agree that some women who are in a marriage or relationship can be overly protective and what sometimes happens is it pushes the man away and could cause him to sleep with escorts - a double-edged sword. The fact that men do sleep with prostitutes and they don't tell their partners will always exist, mumsnet say they would not date someone who fucks escorts - how would they know? At the end of the day a man will always find sex especially if their partner can't satisfy them, but I think it is better for a man to sleep with a WG than start an affair with say his next door neighbour.

Offline Matium

All that a Mumsnet wife ever has to do, and she will be coached how to do this - especially if she has a woman solicitor - is to to weep in front of a Divorce Court Judge and whisper in a dry, husky voice as she points her finger:

"He uses prostitutes"

that'll be enough for the Judge to give her the house, the car, the bank account, the pension and the children.

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