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Author Topic: BellaBlond - Bracknell  (Read 1224 times)

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Offline luthor

Hi all, a bit of a 2-part review here. Be interested to know if anyone has had a the part-two experience.

Part 1 - Arranging With Bella - All very positive
Texted and she got back to me quickly, all very helpful and short notice too.

I was a bit late and she was completely reasonable with me for being a pain.

In Bracknell at her regular serviced apartments I guess. She doesn't make you hang about and provides a code to get and also kindly keeps an eye if anyone is around and answers the door quickly.

Flat was nice enough, room was dark though but fine. Safe when in.

Went for 30mins at £100. She was completely up front about costs and time and also didn't rush the appointment and didn't haggle me. Possibly too much for 30mins but not much in this area.

Went for basic CIM stuff, it all just kind of happened really as she took the lead, asked what i was after and was very accommodating. Very GFE with soft kissing and DFK.

Possibly a tad older than advertised but body built for sex as they say and boobs (although fake) i thought were far better than a lot Id felt before. Knew how to use them too. No complaints.

Positive, sweet girl, understands what's needed and would recommend. Would see again but go to Part 2...

Part 2 - Paranoia?
So once I left, again time wasn't an issue with her.

I walked out and immediately there were these 2 English young guys who walked up to me asking about where to buy sweets... It was weird, uncomfortable.. I mean who asks that now??  It was in the middle of the day so I directed them to town whilst keeping my distance and I hurried off to where i parked the car in the opposite car park. I then decided to detour as was feeling paranoid so walked to the train station instead and waited there for a bit to see where they were.

A few mins later i went back to the car, its in a fairly secluded by the station so I got in and drove off.

It was probably nothing but was just really disconcerting and maybe next time, i would not park there but in the main cinema car park further away. Wouldn't have fancied it at night.

Am i being paranoid, anyone else had the same thing?


https://www.adultwork.com/1123928 or https://www.adultwork.com/bellablond

12 review(s) found for bellablond linked to in above post (12 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review. As you say, she is fairly accommodating, but older, not as good looking and pricier than one would want.
At £100/£150 she has the same rates as Leticia in Reading and I know who I would prefer seeing.

Re getting asked about sweets, if this in the street then this would not be connected to the punt.

My guess is that they were asking you where one could buy ecstasy rather than a pack of Trebor's strong mints. It is Bracknell, after all.

Offline luthor

Lol, Trebor.. Thanks for that, makes more sense. Bit naive me!

Cheers CP.

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