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Author Topic: Sultry sweet sienna - Chatham  (Read 437 times)

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I paid for an hour incall (apparently she wasn't offering 1/2 hours during this period and I would have preferred a half hour to be fair and I had told her this)

I phoned to arrange a fairly short notice meet (1 hour notice) and was asked if I could make it an hour and a half, it meant I was pushing it time wise (I had "gone shopping" according to the wife) but I agreed, pictures looked great, feedback great and she seemed really genuine.

Drove to the location and texted at the required time, got a reply asking if I could sit tight for 10 minutes.  I was offered the chance to back out, and yes I know I should have taken that offer.  She knew I was up against time and I explained this meant I might not have time for the full hour.

After 10 minutes I sent another text and had to sit for another 5 mintutes.  Finally I got the all clear.  Location is a terraced house in a housing estate, plently of free on road parking.

On entry it came across very much as a family home, childrens toys around.  I asked if I could have half hour because of the time sat in car but apparently no.  (I'm still wondering why I didn't walk).

Looks, she is really lovely, a pretty face but I'm not sure about the pictures.  I get the feeling she was once the size of a house and has slimmed very quickly, there were stretch marks everywhere, boobs, thighs, this did really turn me off.  Not quite as slim as the pictures would suggest either.

The meet didn't go well I guess because I was a bit p1ssed off at the waiting and cost and my heart wasn't in it.

says on her profile she gets really wet when arroused so after some very very nice kissing I went in for a session of RO.  She laid there, she made noises but didn't move at all, either she's very sub, I was doing nothing for her or she wasn't in the mood.

Positives - pretty face, FAB kisser, easy enough to find and lots of free, safe parking, sweet tasting pussy, well spoken, very sweet lady.

Negatives - Kept me waiting, not as slim as pictures might suggest, stretch marks all over.

I reckon if things had got off to a better start I get the feeling that this could well have been a positive review, but on the day, a neutral.

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1 review(s) found for Sultry sweet sienna  linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Tig101

Thanks,  I've had a eye on her but was unsure. The covered oral was off putting for me.

This mirrors my experience with her. I think she needs to be dominated and told what to do otherwise she will try and get away with doing the very minimum she can. I agree about the stretch marks and her tum being off puting. As far as covered oral goes she was quite happy to do OWO on me but not the greatest I've had.

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