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Author Topic: Sweet Ginger of Slough  (Read 2420 times)

14 review(s) for sexy_ginger_ (10 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Steely Dan

https://www.adultwork.com/3088906 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%5Fginger%5F

Booking: very easy.  Phoned up and booked for later that day.  Got a text with flat number on time. £90 one hour.

The venue: A bit on the grotty side. The bathroom was a bit basic and could use a good bleaching. Perhaps the same as my bathroom, but I am not an escort.  No bed, just mattress on the floor.  I don't really mind this - way better than a squeaky bed. Only got a drink when I asked for water half way through.

The girl, Julie.  Not attractive face to me.  Square faced Polish peasant face. Hair was ginger, but had grown out a bit so her black hair roots visible.  Quite young. Was wearing a sweater thing, no shoes, no make up, hair a bit ordinary.  Like meeting a regular GF on a Saturday morning, rather than meeting a date for an event. Language OK but not fluent so she didn't talk much.  Very smiley. Body very hot - tall and good sized like a 1980s playboy model. Big, real tits. Not fit, but not at all over weight.

As you may guess from all this, I was a bit apprehensive my first few minutes. 

Then she kissed me. And smiled and laughed. No she didn't kiss me, she snogged my face off in a very sexy way. And smiled and giggled. Followed her in to the bed room.  The next fifteen minutes were crazy - snogging, OWO, RO, tit sucking, more snogging, ass grabbing rolling and so on. Pop one was WAY sooner than I planned but all my planning was out the window. Fuck this girl was randy. Round two was similar - way more RO and fingers and more fingers (two fingers fucking her while the other hand played with her clit while kissing and sucking her tits).  My tongue way up her arse. 69. She never said no. Pop two and I still hadn't fucked her.  Made up for this the last 30 minutes - if I thought the fore play was intense, the actual sex was better still - me on top, then her, then doggy - but in each position she moved her legs and body after a bit to add to it - legs on shoulders and that sort of thing.  Pop 3 was intense. (yes still in an hour - but this is down to her not this sad bloke)  Both of us lay there sweaty and exhausted.

After all this I looked at her face.  Great girl ... face not improved.  Oh well.

The verdict - of course I'll be back.  Sex >> other shit. She can get a better flat, slap on some make-up, get a LBD & some FM shoes and offer me a glass of wine and I'll like it a bit better. But a girl who does all that without the sex and no way I'll be back. Great VFM too in this part of the UK. 

14 review(s) found for sexy_ginger_ linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

She sounds pretty amazing - Maybe I'll take my bondage hood to cover up her face!

Offline Fact

she's game for a lot - bet she wouldnt mind a try!!

Offline Placebo88

I saw Julie recently and echo most of this review , particularly as regards the delivery of services .

Superb attitude , friendly throughout , put me at ease instantly , gives loads of effort , seems to quite enjoy it , not one hint of any distaste or boredom ; a GFE both fun and intense .

Her body is described perfectly by Steely Dan . Her hair looked brown to me rather than ginger . Facially it is down to individual taste , I liked her look . She has a clear , fresh complexion and the stated age is entirely possible . I did not see the Keira Knightley similarity other than in bone structure possibly .She reminded me of a better looking version of someone like the tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska .

Her attitude and personality really won me over ; couldn't have asked for more . Her English is good enough , not perfect but fine for general chit chat and direction if needed .

A delay on my arrival , accompanied by a mixed bag comms wise , were the only negatives. After answering my first call and informing me of a slight delay she then failed to pick up my next call 10 minutes later . A follow up text got the desired response , and once the booking proper started it was all good .

A refreshing experience ; if only every escort had Julie's attitude .

Offline Placebo88

A shame she is in Wolves.

She said that her departure is imminent  ; a real shame for a punting semi-desert . Southampton and Brighton were mentioned .


Offline euphmark

One of my all time favourites back in the Slough area, but seems to be run by the worst maid in history.  The postcode doesn't even exist, won't pick up the phone and doesn't respond to simple texts aside from "Yes I'm free" and "Yes the address is <wrong address>".  So frustrating as she's an amazing fuck!!

I visited this week,  absolutely fantastic but she's only in Slough for the next two weeks.  Fully recommended

Offline dubhcarr

I visited this week,  absolutely fantastic but she's only in Slough for the next two weeks.  Fully recommended

Thanks for this I will check my schedule..... :)

Offline TallnHung

Younger than my usual MILF hunt but given her reviews seems worth a shot or two ;)

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