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Author Topic: preferred incall location  (Read 2637 times)

One I regularly visit is RIGHT next to a tube station and above a shop on a busy road. It's been there a while and parking nearby for free

Offline potata72

When a prostitute chooses somewhere to work from she should consider two factors, first of all it must be possible to park near to the premises and if it is near a train station that is even better.
She should avoid dodgy looking council estates, that would scare some punters away.  :scare:

Agree with this 100%.

I don't drive so a location near a Train Station is a huge preference for me.

As for a venue itself, I have a preference for Hotels.  Most of the punts I've had have been in Hotels such as Ibis, Holiday Inns or similar quality/style Hotels.  I like the fact that I can just walk in, go for the stairs or lift, find the room then sorted.

For example, during a really bad punt I had a few weeks back, I had been left in a "Bedroom" of the Private House of the WG in question for about 10 minutes, with all sorts of noise going off downstairs that could've been anything or anyone, with horrible thoughts going through my head about how I could be in danger etc.  So in that sense I see Hotels as safe and comfortable places.

Out of the several punts I've had where the venue has been a Private House or Apartment, only one of them HASN'T been a horrible shithole that has made me feel uncomfortable as soon as I've walked in.

a horrible shithole that has made me feel uncomfortable as soon as I've walked in.

so walk out again and go for plan B

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