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Author Topic: Caen - France  (Read 608 times)

Offline Toejam

Hi All,

Has anyone have any advice on massage parlours or brothels in Caen?  I'll be heading there tomorrow and hoping to try some local delicacies  :D  I can't find anything online.

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Online bbois77

Brothels were made illegal after WWII, huge crackdown on street workers in last 6/7 years, plenty online though, just need to keep looking and do research, aka,links on this section, please search.

But don't expect too much/anything in a provincial, conservative, large town!

Offline Toejam

Thanks for the help guys.

None of the numbers that I was interested in worked on Vivastreet so ended up not bothering. 
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Offline gerrybear

Just in case: you are sure you didn't make mistake dialing from your UK mobile? (I met someone recently who was dialing wrongly.)

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