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Author Topic: Cutest Lucy - Caledonian Road N7  (Read 2317 times)

46 review(s) for CutestLucy (39 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Before I start with the actual review just a word of thanks to the site admin and everyone that posts here (especially the reviewers) you made my return to punting after a long absence a hugely enjoyable experience.

Having decided to restart punting a while back I scoured the web for information and found this place. After seeing previous glowing reviews of Lucy and noting that her profile ticked all the right boxes. Decided to book her up. A meeting I had to attend in London gave me a perfect excuse to see her and I'm really happy I did.


Comms were via text until the last moment, I did initially send an enquiry to her AW email, but got no response. You might count that as a negative but seeing as the 2 other girls I emailed at the same time didn't answer either, I just assume that it's something a lot of WGs do (or rather don't do). Text comms were efficient, though with occasional longish delays (I would not be at all surprised if she is very busy with other clients). They were also warm and flirty, which really set the tone for our meeting. On the day, while sitting in my boring meeting I devised a role-play which I texted to her after I got out. It was quite specific about what I wanted to do to and with her. Her response was simply "I'm your girl" which left me with a raging hard on that lasted all the way to her door.


Her flat is off Caledonian Road, very close to Caledonian and Barnsbury overground station and is on the first floor of a converted house. The communal staircase and hallways looked grotty but inside her flat it as warm and welcoming as it's occupant. She told me (later) that she will be moving to a new location closer to Angel Tube station. The Shower was modern and excellent in both temp and flow and shower stuff and towels were provided.

The Girl

Lucy is about 5' 4" (approx 162 cm for you metric kids) though she seems initially taller due to her heels. She is half Portuguese/half Spanish her skin is Mediterranean fair, and very soft and smooth. Her breasts are a good handful without being big and are firm and natural. Her nipples were like bullets for the entire time I was there and her arse is simply divine. Her English is conversationally good though her accent can sometimes make some words harder to understand, but during sex she will often say very hot things in Spanish which was a real turn on for me. She is definitely the girl in the pictures but they do not do her justice.

The Meeting

Having been given her postcode earlier in the day I called her from the street when I arrived for the door number, she buzzed me in and I made my way up to the first floor. I was greeted at the door with lots of DFK and a warm embrace. I told her I needed to shower and she lead me by the hand to the bathroom, pointing out where the towels and the shower gel were. After a quick shower i returned to the lounge and she sat me on the couch while she perched on the table opposite. My Role play had already gone out the window (my choice) because that would have involved me getting dressed again and I didn't feel like it at that point, just wanting to get down to the action. I let the towel drop and said "come here", in response she slowly raise her skirt giving me my first look at her pussy and said "no, you come here". I didn't need to be asked twice and in moment was on my knees would my tongue and fingers buried in her cunt. She responded enthusiastically telling me what she wanted and at several point ground herself into me while holding my head so tightly I could have died (happily) of oxygen starvation. We moved over to the couch where she stood leaning against the wall to give me better access. This girl really likes to be tongue fucked and I was happy to oblige until my tongue and jaw ached.

Next we changed around to me sitting on the couch with her kneeling between my legs. She proceeded to give me an amazing (OWO) blowjob, lots of drool, lots of balls deep deepthroat with gagging. I also asked her to tit fuck me and she obliged willingly. I tried to hold out for as long as I could, but eventually the sight and the feel of her so enthusiastically  going to town on my cock sent me over the edge and I shot my load into her mouth. After a short pause where she disposed of the evidence and cleaned me down with wet wipes she them lay herself on top of me with more DFK while we both got our breaths back.After a little small talk in the afterglow my stroking of her skin became more sexual and she could tell i was ready for round 2. This started with more OWO, just as good as the first round before she pushed me down on the couch, put on a condom and rode me cowgirl while I squeezed, kissed and sucked her breasts.

We then switched to doggy which was absolutely incredible, watching that cute arse while pounding her hard and deep, wile doing this I was also giving her and occasional spanking for good measure and then inserting my thumb into her tight arsehole. She seemed to enjoy this so I kept on doing it until she asked "do you wan't to fuck my arse?" , she knew I did, since it had been in my fantasy and she already had the lube ready and waiting, but again, here asking in that sexy accent added to the experience.

Her arsehole is tight and while I'm not in possession of a huge cock we had to take it slowly at first, but gradually building up speed and depth till I was all the way inside and riding her arsehole just as hard as I had ridden her cunt. It was then that disaster struck. I realised that I had nothing in the tank for a second shot, despite being balls deep in this amazing girls butthole I just couldn't come. When I told her this she actually seemed disappointed and we changed positions again back to more amazing OWO but even that couldn't bring about a second come. Once it became apparent , we just lay together for a while with more DFK, stroking and chat, she went a got a box of chocolates and fed some of them to me then DFKed me when my mouth was full of chocolate, which was really sweet and sexy. Eventually I was me, rather than her that I should go grab another shower which I did. Came out,dressed and re entered the lounge to find her is a sexy dressing gown. More DFK followed, with more breast and butt squeezing from me and then I remembered that I should pay her. She took the money without counting it and lay it on the side to go back to DFKing me. I would have happily stayed there forever but I had to be elsewhere fairly soon so with a final kiss and squeeze I left, telling her I would be back more as soon as I could manage it. I had arrive about 10-15 mins early and left about the same overtime so I effectively got 90 minutes for the price of 60.

Overall Experience

Absolutely first class. She promises "The Best Girlfriend Experience in London" and boy does she deliver. a Beautiful warm and friendly girl who makes you feel like you are the centre of her universe for the time you are together. All services provided willingly and enthusiastically and she really seems to enjoy her work. There was absolutely no rushing, clock-watching, hidden extras or time wasting. My only problem is that I feel that I have started at the absolute top and would not want to book another girl when I know what I will get from Lucy. Still as long as she is around , this won't be a problem.

46 review(s) found for CutestLucy linked to in above post (39 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

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