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Author Topic: Carla of GEA  (Read 616 times)

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Offline Budgie


Just saw Carla is back with the agency. I saw her a few years ago and turned out I'd seen her a few days previous at Scots Girls agency where she was working under a different name (I've also seen her advertise on AW as an independent). Her GEA profile has her as 22 but she would have been mid 20s when I saw her so she would be at least late 20s now. When I saw her she was quite thin and didn't have a great figure. She didn't look anything like the photo on the profile.

As I said I'd seen her a few days earlier at SG and didn't rate that punt so I was fairly disappointed to see her again in the same week. At the first punt she had given me a BJ but kept sniffing and said she had a cold and she hadn't shaken it by the second punt and was still sniffing away. She had told me that a previous punter had tried to pay her with Charlie so that, along with the sniffing and the gaunt look, had me wondering.

It has been a few years since I saw her so I've left the rating as neutral for each to make up their own mind but I won't be paying her a visit.

Offline ickydicky

thank god for this site so we can find out about skanky hoors like this one. can we keep track of all this ones different names. :vomit:
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Offline JazzMan


I booked this girl Carla about 3 or 4 years ago and she looked nothing like her photos.
So I have always avoided her since.
What I remember about the Carla I seen was that she had sun-burn because she was just back from the Orange Walk.
A sunny day that year.
I would give her a positive though, who ever she was.

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Offline Raithfan

that must of been over 3 years ago then.... 

have to agree she looks nothing like the pictures on the site. she prob was 22 when she started many moons ago.   she was really tall and slim not the best looking but ok body if ur into tall and skinny but gives a good service if I recall  better than the ee girls.

Offline zag69

GEA need to update their photo's, her pics are well out of date. I've never been tempted by her but there is a new girl just started called Ava that looks hot as fuck. Unfortunately, I'm between jobs at the minute so can't pursue the hobby, but she's getting it when I get my paycheck :D
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