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Author Topic: Punting Break  (Read 1297 times)

Recently came back from a 5-6 month punting break. Lack of good options was part of the reason. Felt good to be occupied with other stuff than worrying about all the charade over planning a punt.

Offline Swansea lad

I started punting about 15 years ago and stopped about 11 years ago. I started again a few years back. I have hardly punted the last 5-6 months, usual story, to many bad punts, appointment no shows, prices going up. No girls I fancy in my area. I contacted a few girls this week but they didnt seem bothered, I just knew the punt would be a waste of time. Maybe they just fancied easter off though?

The mrs has been a lot better in the bedroom lately which has taken away the punting desire a bit.

I still add to my punting fund so if the right girl comes slong I might be tempted.

Offline Estoril

Taking couple months break.

Haven't got the urge at present - and also down to having just purchased new TV/sound system

Offline hornypnter

Having a break at minute and got to admit financially and mentally definitely feeling better and more refreshed. Longest I have ever gone is 9 weeks going to try and go for 4 - 5 months but past history dictates that is a tall order. Lack of any new talent and general shite on aw has prompted my break and tbh I was doing punts out of habit more than enjoyment.  Still going to check out UKP regularly,  though only decent site for punters.

Got to agree AW has got really crap recently. Before I felt there were lots of options - auto-censored, ultimate escorts, Vixen escorts.

Does anyone think there is a good alternative to AW??

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This year is my 10th year. In that time I've been fairly consistent with a punt every 4 months on average. I had more punts in my first year (kid in a sweatshop) and have had a couple of longer 7 or 8 month breaks.

I prefer it this way. Means I don't get addicted and is pretty much dictated to me by budget. I could spend more, but have made certain life choices that improve every day but which take up disposable income. On the whole, this approach works for me.

Offline tesla

I have been punting for 37 years and my breaks are usually dictated by income, but I have been known to abstain for 6 or 7 months before now.
if I am cash rich I punt a lot some times 3 or 4 booking a week, at the moment I am cash poor only had 4 punts this year so far

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