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Author Topic: Review londonswingersadultparties LSAP Camden-Central London  (Read 627 times)

Anyone tried LSAP (londonswingersadultparties) in Camden -Central London. heard they hire hostess for fun . actual intrested people are almost 0. Any feedback will be appreciated...

i'm a single guy, wanted to know if its worst to spend around 100 GBP there or should try abfabparties some weekend..

help appreciated

Online Steely Dan

search is your friend.

Abfabparties is a swingers club, not a sex party, the way that the Punting Wiki defines the terms.  And the Punting Wiki is clearly the one to believe.
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Offline Jimmyredcab

Sounds like an advert to me ------------------ been a member for 3 hours.    :thumbsdown:

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