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Author Topic: Gangbang - Luciebee, Riley-Lee, British-bombshell.  (Read 771 times)

51 review(s) for LucieBee (50 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]
18 review(s) for British-Bombshell (18 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]
30 review(s) for Riley-Lee (30 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Ive read Fun4chris and Cezziejohns review, Heres mine!
I was one the 2 blokes stood in the shared driveway to Lucie's place as  the girls were busy getting ready. Check my watch, joined by 3rd man and we went into venue.
Some familiar faces from previous parties Ive attended, but the girls who Id not met before were a sight to behold, better than I was expecting, all stunning :rose: waited few mins for all guests to arrive, paid and was told to get kit off and let the fun begin.
Lucie took me into front room were we lay on mattress, I was joined by a guy and we started DFK and playing with her pussy, All the girls are very vocal and loud, she came quite quickly.
Kylie was laid on the floor with another bloke giving her oral and another fucking her.
Riley was in the other room seeing to the other 2 blokes,
I then fucked Kylie on the bed. Boy is she one vocal lady and seemingly multi orgasmic, looking at me pleadingly and asking me to come in her mouth. As im a one pop man I had to politely decline but said Id save it for at the end. :D
Then its all a bit of a blur going from room to room and girl to girl, fucking and being sucked, watching and recovering, enjoying myself too much :D  till Lucee announced there was 5 minutes left. I tried to get near to Kylie to unload in her mouth but she was so engaged riding a guy I couldnt get her to open her mouth.
Riley came into room and got down on her knees wanting me to give her a facial, which I obliging did covering her mouth which she asked Lucie to kiss off( she didnt  lol)
I have fucked all 3 girls in various positions, numerous times over, some positions I couldnt manage properly as Im not a porn star, but it was fun trying :(
So overall I had a brilliant time and it was a great event.  :yahoo:
I like to see new girls one on one and even if I like them it takes me a while to get around to seeing them again as my hot list is quite long , I like seeing new girls to much. But I love this now the parties are going as I get to see 3 girls who I liked all in one go and that takes preference to a new girl any day :)
Ive already booked onto next one and I also hope to see the girls individually before then  :rolleyes:
The venue is in Mansfield with free car parking in nearby shopping precinct, all the girls are well reviewed, look like their pictures and gave their services as per their likes list. 10 out of 10 .....

Offline GolfNut

Pretty impossible not to have a good time with these three ladies really. They just seem to love their work and they certainly know how to give a guy a good time. Seems like they are setting the area alight with the gang bangs.

Glad you enjoyed it. Not for me yet, but seems like they are very popular and punters are queuing up to take part in them.

Thanks for the report  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline pedro2

Glad you had a great time matey
Great review  :thumbsup:
Mansfield is becoming the hotbed of the East Midlands...did i just say that  :D

Offline pictisunum

Consistently very positive feedback on these parties. It seems that a great time was had by ALL concerned.

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