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Author Topic: Kasy.sexy - Wolverhampton  (Read 996 times)

Offline ffeet


God this site is so good!

Every time I scan down the Wolverhampton girls on AW I see this one and she looks soooo sexy and what a body!
Now don’t shoot me down ‘cause I know she is Romanian, and her feedback is hidden but sometimes the dick overrules the brain and there a few good ones about.

I was all set to call her and thought – I’ll just check on UKP and low and behold a load of posts about bad punts with her in London.

I’m gutted ‘cause I really fancy a crack at her her but thanks to this forum I’ve saved myself £80 plus the extras that are not apparent on the profile

Cheers guys
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She's worth a £40 quickie fit girl nice tits and tight pussy :thumbsup:

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