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Author Topic: another one to avoid guys  (Read 1390 times)

Went to this one open minded with good coms.... opened the door...hair pinned back, much more plump,blokes legs could see in lounge and nearly got knocked out by the green stuff smell. lucky I didn't go past the front door and jumped back in my car and went. https://www.adultwork.com/3149459 or https://www.adultwork.com/A+ENGLISH+BEAUTYX -

Offline M8gic

I seen her last year and did a review on her, avoid like the plague. Bad attiude and service and worked from a dump.

I think she has moved now, she should work just off the A38M Aston expressway, which area is she working from now?

Offline Ming

Thanks for the heads up.

You need to do this as a review though otherwise it doesn't get registered against her profile, or something like that.

Ming  :hi:

Hiya magic. .. she's in Kings heath .... a filthy street ibshouldnt have even knocked the door . Wish I had seen your review 😕

Offline M8gic

This was my original review


She shortly created a new account after I had left it

Wow I really had a lucky escape... it's not clean and people like her ruin lives ... wouldn't be suprised I'd she was a barebacker.

I wrote this :

Yes I wish I could put her a negative ( -1 ) but she is not the kind of person to actually accept a booking trough the aw system.
So I had to put a feedback without a negative.
I did it before, so she made a new profile... but I found her again and put my comment again.
That's why she threatened to contact the POLICE  :scare: and to sue me !!!  :yahoo:

AND now I shall give her a BAD feedback again on AW to warn others :

I do a booking request, she will ignore it of course, but then I will be able to put a feedback ( no negative or positive, just a feedback )

Just wanted to add :

I am a 100% sure she bought th profile from someone .... It is impossible she got a single good feedback ( real one ) , it is probably her 10th account...

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