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Author Topic: gangbang partner?  (Read 1011 times)

Offline Jellaby

Anyone interested in seeing a wg together with one or two other guys? PM and we can see if we have common tastes!

Offline Jason1971


I love a good gang bang so tell me more. I have been to a few and many parties. How about two girls if you can get enough guys?

Offline BecksP

yes up for a gangbang once has an experience with 4 guys and a wife the husband loved it was in Mewcastle on Tyne so I travelled and stayed in a hotel and she met me the next day was good but they were swingers

Offline phil77


Depending on the girls I am up for this.


Any chance of telling us which wg it is?

Offline char45

I'm up for this, Jelleby PM'd you, do you have a specific girl in mind?

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