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Author Topic: Sexy Thai sophie  (Read 2059 times)

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Had a great punt with this girl in Canary Wharfe yesterday. I have had a previous punt with her last year in Scotland and was surprised to find her in London. I don't visit London very often and I have been taken for a ride in the past so working on the premise of "better the devil you know" I gave Sophie a ring.
Sophie is a friendly smiley girl and speaks very good english. She's quite short with natural but not saggy tits, a nicely rounded arse and quite big thighs which do get a good grip on your head if you decide to put it between them. The pictures on her AW profile are accurate including the ones in her private gallery so if you like what you see you won't be disappointed.

Sophie recognised me as she let me in. She hugged and kissed me briefly and I could feel her nipples through my shirt. I  put my hand up her top and played with her gorgeous tits for a bit then lifted the top and had a good old suck on them. Having them sucked does seem to get her aroused and she quickly got undressed and helped me to do the same then got down on her knees to give me a cracking blow job. It was so good I was losing control so I stopped her after a few minutes and gently pushed her down onto the bed and had a lovely long snog. Slowly I made my way south and sucked her tits again and again this seemed to get her more aroused. By the time I got to her pussy she was absolutely dripping. I got to work on her with my tongue and fingers and before long she was bucking and writhing and pulling my head into her as she nearly crushed my skull with those powerful little thighs. Sophie needed a minute to calm down before continuing then asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Erm, let me think.....oh go on then. She fitted the rubber and climbed on top, my cock slipping easily into her wet sloppy cunt, then she rode me like a good un until I shot my load.

Highly recommended by me if you like a really friendly, REALLY horny girl.

£60for half an hour

2 review(s) found for sexy thai sophie linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thx for your review. Tried her out this week too and my experience is pretty similar. She gets wonderfully wet down there, love it.

You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed.

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