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Author Topic: Trying to imagine myself as a punting virgin once again  (Read 912 times)

Offline pierrot

Who knows what the future holds but for now this is the golden age of punting
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Offline NightKid

Discovered AW on google. Bought and read a books on punting off amazon for research before my first punt. Bought blue pills off an online pharmacy. Inspiration for what to do in punts has come from online porn.

This. I first discovered AW which led me to subsequently find UKP, and I read the shit out of the London boards for the next 3 days before even making my first post.

It's the same advice we've always given to newbie posters over and over again - RTFF.

Offline smiths

I was just thinking how I would have behaved had UKP been around when I first started punting. Some of the newbie questions frequently seem ludicrous, but would any of us have been different? Maybe we shouldn't be too hard on them? When I started the internet didn't exist, never mind UKP and punting was a secret and solitary activity during which you often stumbled from one mistake to the next.
Maybe some of us 'oldies' are a little resentful because we didn't have the same wonderful resources and information at our fingertips? Or maybe some newbies are simply naïve twats who demand too much spoon feeding?
Of course this is ultimately one of those accidents of history which throw up impossible to answer hypothetical questions.

I try to avoid newbies help me type threads nowadays, they are basically always the same in the main. The info they want assuming they are genuine is already on here but as is the case nowadays some cant be bothered to read the relevant posts and threads.

I want as many genuine newbie punters to be members as possible but I see admin posted on an Off-Topic thread saying how few newbies now go on to make good contributions. I find that a very interesting comment.

Like you I punted pre-net so having UKP is such an advantage to a punter in comparison BUT what I find puzzling is when a London punter says he cant locate a good WG, plenty of positive reviews on the London review board and at various price points, yet reading some punters posts they live and punt in a different London to me.
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Had my first punt today with Pattie, glad I started with her, very nice girl
Will write review later.

11 review(s) found for Premier G pattie linked to in above post (9 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Been out of the punting game since the pre Internet times, so when I decided to return it was a present surprise how easy it is now. Of course there are still pitfalls, WGs can lie on  their profile just as easily as they can on a card in a newsagents window or a postcard in a phone box and Photoshop means you can't trust the pics to be real, but compared to the old days it's a punting paradise.

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