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Author Topic: Amira Viva Street  (Read 1282 times)

Offline Ming

It's vivastreet, therefore the risk that it is not genuine just multiplied by 10.

Ming  :hi:

Yeah, thats the trouble with vivastreet.

Tried calling the number, no answer just a text message with the rates and postcode

Offline normski

She looks more Romanian than Indian....mind you I'd thought you'd know that with a name like Deepak?

@normski..... yes she does look romanian/eastern european but i think the eastern europeans look much hotter dressed in indian clothes..

Offline jack0

Avoid viva street got ripped off a few weeks ago, was running out of options so phoned about 6 or 7 most  - took ages to get any sense and meeting arranged finally, not as photo not good service waste of money - flat above shops near 5 ways island in brum near the roundabout off broad street opposite post office - not sure if romanian.

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