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Author Topic: Stuttgart - Dre-farben-haus  (Read 569 times)

I was in Stuttgart for one day and decided stop by the infamous Dre-farben-Haus (three coloured house). It was fairly easy to find, located near the shopping area, and I didn't have to pay for entrance.

I walked in the place to find i six floors of whores. As you walk around the building, they are all standing in the doorways to the rooms. It was 30 Euros for a suck 'n fuck so I figured it was the same as Amsterdam - hot girls but don't expect amazing service and expect half the girls to try and rip you off. With this in mind, I knew to be careful not to choose a girl who wasn't smiling and friendly. I went round the building twice and found one I liked. 23 year old bulgarian, adorable face and great body. Altogether it was a 7/10 shag.

I went off for a load of drinks and came back to round two pretty drunk. I went to find a girl I'd been looking for earlier, but she was pretty obnoxious to me so I didn't go for her. I went for the next girl who looked like her (blonde, tall, big boobs) but she turned out to be a rip-off. Complained the whole time, obviously didn't want to be there. Gave her a quick angry bang as a result and left without finishing. But I half expected this to happen, and as I said I pretty drunk.

Overall the girls in there are hot, but you're definitely not guaranteed good service. Worth a visit if you're on a budget and want a quick punt.

Offline Marmalade

I think it's quite a fun place but shit value.
Here's the website for reference or you can find it by googling dreifarbenhaus
It's nice that it's so central and open long hours and I think it's a pleasant city though German punting for me a bit soul-less compared to similar facilities in S.A. at less than a third of the price. There's another RLD I prefer (one of several in Stuttgart) about ten minutes away walk but still very central around Leonhardstrasse. You just cross over the big dual carriageway. There's about a six to a maybe a dozen Eros Centres all with a different vibe so more of an indie feel about it and I've experienced some good shags there.

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