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Author Topic: Kandiservices (British/Asian)  (Read 318 times)

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Offline Andyply

Must have been 2012 (I've re-posted this from the SW regional section with a few corrections as she popped up on AW recently then disappeared, (maybe she read my original comments)
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3310803 not working now

Was wondering if anyone saw this escort. Bit of a warning really.  Saw this one early in 2012 Weston Mill area she was called kandiservices or something similar,  a very weird punt, lots of untruths came out during the duration which is a shame as I found her ok to get along with and quite keen and committed service wise. She was advertising bb too at the time ( as she was recently ) although I was never going to partake in this I think she took my money then stated it wouldn't be bb after all. In my naivety I don't know why I booked her, maybe probably due to lack of Asian escorts around at the time and pre Jaycee. Anyway she was friendly enough and did everything I wanted owo, 69, RO but just couldn't get turned on by her, only the second time I've left a punt without finishing.  She told me the address across the road initially, but this was apparently her parents house and that this was her fellas place, I was left walking the street looking for the right house in  a residential area looking like a right idiot, she eventually came out to fetch me in clear view of he neighbours (last time I have driven my car to a venue). Her fella/pimp was apparently outside sitting in his car, I saw him when I left, he looked less than happy, (bald & fat) apparently he would need to be in the house next time but would be in a far off room.  Anyway I contacted her again in 2013 (no idea why, Asian addiction perhaps) I think and she agreed to an outcall to a city centre hotel for a much reduced 2hr rate £150, her choice not mine as I asked if she did longer bookings and wanted to really f**k her well this time.   I hadn't confirmed anything really just an initial inquiry and that I would contact her in a few days to confirm but I dropped my phone and had to pop it into town to get fixed. The next day/morning when I picked it up I had +5 text messages (no calls) calling me all sorts of nasty names  :blush:  and that I'd be outed on FB twitter, town centre walls etc.  It was my punting phone so I blocked her then changed the SIM card.  What with the lies and then a complete overreaction I would advise caution.  I got the impression finances were hard for her and it was only a desperate way of  making money not mutually enjoyable as there were no thought put into the venue, room, outfit, routine etc.... All this b******s about best in town, you'll cum three times rubbish should be taken with a pinch of salt.  I've  seen worse but never felt like I was being misled as much.   I noticed she was back on AW recently so felt obliged in case anyone was put in danger or an awkward situation, it was pre UKP for me but I would've reviewed her as a negative due to the deception in venue and services and the nagging sensation that all was not as it seemed, the only time I have ever felt slightly in danger and had a bad vibe from start to finish.  Unfortunately me todger felt the same, poor bastard and never fulfilled his full potential  :(
Was the girl in the profile BUT lied about pretty much everything else which is a shame as I quite liked her (pimp pressure I guess as she seemed a decent lass) the last profile she posted she was much heavier ~ possibly post child  :unknown:
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