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Author Topic: Teegan Banks - Adultwork #3368645 - Touring Cambridge  (Read 803 times)

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Teegan Banks https://www.adultwork.com/3368645 or https://www.adultwork.com/Teegan+Banks

This punt with this English girl took place almost a month ago. I paid £150 for 1 hour but the booking was terminated after only 4-5 minutes of sexual action due to a major negative event. After I chose to terminate the booking I got back £100. I should have taken back more or even the entire fee as what happened was 100% her fault. Anyway this means that this punt cost me £50 for 4-5 sexual minutes. That is about £10 per minute! Were these premium-priced 4-5 minutes at least any good? No, not at all. And that is one of the reasons that in this review I won't describe that major negative event (I will describe it in a separate future post) as I am giving her a big negative not because of that event but because of her lacklustre service and her ordinary appearance in combination with her asking price. She is heavily overpriced for £150 per hour and her Adultwork feedback provides a very misleading picture of her.

Location --- 4/10
I met her in a serviced apartment in North-East Cambridge. Not very central. She keeps changing locations by the way.
Small bedroom but OK and clean.
Flat at the time was shared with another prostitute (KinkyBootsAnna #3426547)
x Bathroom only had the tiny toiletries supplied by the service.

Comms --- 3/10
+ Communication was both through phone calls and texts. She used to display a phone number back then.
+ It was her on the phone.
x Booking started with 13 minutes delay.
x Confirms services that she doesn’t actually provide.

Physical --- Looks: 6.5/10, Body: 6.5/10
+ Age advertised as 19 could be legit. Possibly early 20s but, anyway, in that ballpark for sure. 
+ Pictures don’t show her face but are hers nonetheless.
+ Size 6 body. Slim and though verging slightly on the skinny side still good. Height about 5 feet 7 inches.
Facially she is decent looking but definitely not pretty, beautiful or stunning as described in her feedback on Adultwork. While not unattractive she is somewhat plain and any attraction she has mainly comes from her youth. Her facial features, while not bad, are nothing particular. She is just a young girl, next door type. Possibly with very good makeup and very good hairdressing she can look better but sadly she puts no effort in looking at her absolute best during her bookings. Instead with her nose piercing and messy hair she gives more the impression of a skanky party girl. I rate her looks around 6.5/10, though I reckon she can artificially elevate to 7-7.5/10.
x Zero boobs. And I don't just mean very small cup A/AA boobs. I mean literally absolutely no boobs at all. There are only her nipples, which are like male ones but a bit longer. But there is absolutely no breast tissue at all!
x Too many, small, low-quality, cheap tattoos on her body. Most notable ones are one of Merilyn Monroe on her body and a flower on her wrist.

Experience --- 0/10
Events' time placement --- Booking was meant to start at (say) 7pm. When I arrived I called to get the flat number but she told me to wait because she was eating. I finally got inside the flat at 7:13pm. After the payment (£150), she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She came back after 3 minutes at 7:17pm. Then I received some service but the major negative event occurred just after 4-5 minutes. We stopped, I then went to have a shower and decided to terminate the booking. After some negotiation I got £100 back after her originally insisting on only giving me back £50. At least with £50 total I was charged the price of a 15-minute booking. I dressed up and left the flat at 7.28pm paying £50 for 4-5 minutes of shitty service.

+ She is polite and friendly.
Not unclean but not particularly fresh either. She did brush her teeth (during my booking time mind you!) however she didn't seem to be freshly showered.
As most British hookers she is in the lowest tier of education and dumb. That for those who think them as ‘high class’ or ‘intelligent’. ‘High class’ and ‘intelligent’ my arse!
x No FK at all. No tongue and no liplocking. Just very light pecks on the lips. She gave the bullshit excuse that she recently had a tongue piercing and it is still healing. Yet she did confirm that she doing French kissing both on the phone and at the start of the booking before payment.
x She offers OWO but when telling about her tongue piercing healing, true or not, you naturally opt for OW. Just to emphasise this. She doesn't kiss or even liplock because her tongue is supposedly still healing from the piercing, yet she considers OK to suck your cock without condom. So either she is that dumb or she was lying about her tongue to avoid French kissing. Probably both.   
x I had to put on the condom on cock myself. Apparently she is inexperienced and doesn't know how to do it herself. Or she is just lazy.
x Shit blowjob technique.
x Generally inexperienced in a bad way.
x Shit sex. A dead fish.
x Timewasting tactics.
x The occurrence of a major negative event that ultimately led me to terminate the booking. By the way during the negotiations for the refund Teegan's flatmate and mentor Anna (KinkyBootsAnna #3426547) appeared. I thought she was her maid but it turned out she is a prostitute too. She originally insisted for a £50 refund but even her realised that this would be a total rip-off. Anna also proposed me to stay with her for the remaining of the time but thanks, but no thanks. She advertises as 33 years old but she is definitely over 40, most probably over 45, overweight and rough looking (3.5/10).

Final Words
Teegan's fee of £150 per hour is way higher than she deserves. Someone of her appearance should at most charge around £100 per hour and that provided offering top top service. I should have walked when I saw her but I had travelled far enough for this punt. I stayed despite my disappointment about her appearance, hoping she would compensate with her service. But it was shit. Not only this, but I ended up paying £50 for just 4-5 minutes of this shit service.

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Could you PM me what the event was please? Am interested...

Major event? Do tell, dear boy. Do tell.

Offline vt

Don't tell me...

...she had the decorators in??

...it was her Dolmio day??

...the Communists were in the funhouse??

...you were swept away by a crimson tsunami??

...she had an unexpected visit from her Aunt Flo??

 :D :D :D :D

Online socks

... arsenal were playing at home, she'd fallen to the communists, she went up on ramps, she had a blob on, it was time for dracula's teabag etc

well i hope she didnt leave the sheets looking like Polanski house after Charlie Manson popped in for a cup of tea

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