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Author Topic: Kim of Woking  (Read 603 times)

14 review(s) for mya dolce mya  (9 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Lister

Ok so I know this is entirely my own fault but I include it as a warning to others…..

I had a bit of time on my hands and decided to try a little diversion on my way home from work. As Horny Mya  (https://www.adultwork.com/3276424 or https://www.adultwork.com/Horny+mya+xxx ) has had some good reviews here I thought I would look her up and see if she was available at short notice. Comms were good – she answered her phone promptly, speaks good English, and we set up a meeting for later on that afternoon at only an hour and a half’s notice. She texted the postcode and I duly arrived five minutes before the prescribed time.

That’s where things started to go wrong…..
When I phoned her to get the house number she apologised and said she had double booked and had a regular coming round any minute. Seemed odd as I had only spoken to her an hour and a half before! She said she had two friends there and I could see either of them instead. I said no as I had no idea who they might be and decided to call it a day but she pleaded with me and apologised profusely, so like a mug, and against my better instincts,  I agreed to go and see if I fancied one of her friends. I had driven quite a way to see her and it seemed a waste to turn around and go back.

Entry to the flat was but private gate and quite safe and the flat was modern and quite comfortable. Mya  met me at the door, and she is a little hottie – real shame I missed out on her! Her friends were also Romanian but did not speak good English so Mya  translated and they agreed OWO, FK, CIM, and anal so I agreed to see Kim who was quite attractive, 23 years old, size 8 and around 5’ 4” with a good figure and nice tits. Also agreed £100 for the hour so £10 discount of Mya’s rate. Her other friend was taller and also quite attractive so could have chosen either.
 Kim spent the first 5 minutes setting up her iPhone to play various music tracks. I pointed to the time (we were now 15 minutes past my original appointment time) and said we have an hour from now, to which she agreed. Having stripped off we got on the bed and she got out the usual wet wipe before starting a rather ordinary OWO. No kissing on offer and no preliminaries. After about a minute she stopped and went to get a condom so I asked her to continue a bit longer. Meanwhile I was fondling her rather attractive bum as she was sitting side on to me at which stopped what she was doing to tell me “I no fuck in bum” – so anal was out then!

OWO was getting a bit underwhelming so I went down on her. Clean pussy and very neat. Also had a bit of rimming which she moved to accommodate, but when I looked up she was adjust her playlist on the iPhone! Tried to insert a digit but was pulled away and told “no fingers”. Seems like almost everything was off the list!!! Reactions to my tender ministrations alternated from absolutely nothing for a couple of minutes interspersed with bursts of fake moaning and writhing for 5 seconds or so – really weird and quite off-putting.

On went the mac and we started in missionary, went to kiss her and got a quick peck with closed lips. Kissed her neck and was told she does not like that. No FK then – or indeed any kissing at all. Not too worried as her teeth did not look too great. Asked her to go on top for a bit of cowgirl and she refused – as she said she did not like that so I settle for doggy. At least I did not have to interact with her too much for that. As I started to cum she reached round and pulled me out saying something unintelligible in Romanian. Now the last thing I want when I am in mid orgasm is to be forcefully removed from the one place that every cell in my body craves to be, so I was not best pleased and said so in my best Anglo Saxon.

No cuddles or real conversation between rounds – more phone fiddling and quite a bit of yawning. She started round two after about five minutes. I tried to stop her saying it was too soon but she did not understand and very time I stopped her she just started again after a few seconds. She got out a condom and I asked for OWO which she refused as she does not do this after fucking – (No CIM then). I then received the most uninspiring OW ever punctuated with frequent episodes of spitting large amounts of saliva over the edge of the bed every minute or so.  After a couple of minutes of this she changed to a covered hand job which was so vigorous I thought she was going to tear my todger right off!. I had to ask her to stop and slow down several times as it was quite painful. I also removed the condom as I could not see the point in a covered HJ and she seemed quite surprised that I should want to do this.  I am usually a two pop person but was having difficulty getting inspired at all so decided to try doggy again so on with another condom -  but after a couple of minutes decided it was just not worth the effort fucking a sack of potato’s and called it a day fifteen minutes early. First time in seventy odd punts that I have walked early but it really was not worth the effort.

My main concern is that Mya  has good reports here and I suspect she is using her profile and reports to set up bookings for her mates who do not appear to be on AW. Looks remarkably like a bait and switch here with Mya  pretending to be occupied to get people to see her flatmates. When I went for a shower fifteen minutes before my time was up she was sitting in the kitchen so I am not sure she had another appointment at all.

So in summary, Mya  looks hot but may be unreliable and could try scamming you to see her friends.
Kim is attractive but looked bored and uninterested throughout and most of the agreed services were not on offer.
Should have walked earlier.
No, should have followed my first instinct and just called it a day when Mya  said she was double booked. We live and learn…..

Neat clean pussy and bum

Everything else :scare:

14 review(s) found for mya dolce mya  linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline Ben4454

Working girls who refuse basic services halfway through are nothing more than scammers. Their excuses are transparent and should always be left a negative. Sorry you had a bad punt fella.
Banning reason: Ignored admin warning after temporary banning and signed up to malicious troll anti-UKP site

Offline Cunning Punt

Classic B&S unfortunately - often done by Romanian groups - and thanks for the warning.

Some punters on here still wonder why Romanian escorts still have a crap reputation and say aren't we all so prejudiced!  :dash:

Mya has had some decent comments on here and when one drives some distance with "the horn" it's very easy for others to say one should have walked.
If a girl looks reasonable and her fee isn't too high, you go for it in those circs.

Plus you did agree services beforehand.

So to correct you, it is NOT your fault.

« Last Edit: March 22, 2016, 10:37:11 PM by Cunning Punt »

Offline thekman100

Hey folks, I have become a regular of Mya as there is no one else that touches her enthusiasm locally. I keep calling her a pocket rocket and she bloomin well is. I have a slight sinking feeling I maybe the 'regular' you got dumped for! But maybe I am being a bit cocky there, she probably has a few!!!

Mya should no way have dumped you for a regular. If anything, the regular would wait if he knows what he is getting/waiting for and Mya has missed out on a possible happy punter/regular. Bad business choice.

I think I've seen the pretty girl you saw. She never says hello or smiles when she sees me. Mya had a previous partner who was a real laugh and fit but she only worked for a short time before returning home.

All I can say is that Mya is worth travelling/waiting for, I have killed almost an hour in Woking waiting for her when she was busy once. Boy...did she make up for it. It was like I was her first punt of the day (though it was late evening).

But as ever 9/10 Romanians are rubbish. Sorry you had high expectations and were let down, I really really know how this feels which is why I've not taken a risk elsewhere for a while now. So many zero rated WGs locally.

Offline jesterman

I tried to see Mya today, she confirmed all was ok then promptly departed for Epsom before I arrived, see her review for more detail  :angry:

Offline Cunning Punt

I tried to see Mya today, she confirmed all was ok then promptly departed for Epsom before I arrived, see her review for more detail  :angry:

I'm not clear. Did you actually make the journey then and you got B&S on arrival with another girl - or did you get enough warning?

EDIT: Just seen your other post, you mean thekman's review

Well done for spotting she had moved. Seems unreliable. Off the HL
« Last Edit: March 26, 2016, 10:18:54 AM by Cunning Punt »

Offline jesterman

Well neither really,  had a booking all set up by text for 9am the next day (today), at 8am texted to make sure all still ok, no reply at all, went onto Adultwork to see since confirming yesterday has changed towns.
So far has not responded to my text from 8am this morning,  when I texted yesterday to set it up she responded in seconds, so I guess this deserves a negative review.
Luckily did not leave my house and waste any time outside on this.

Offline yuiop300

It's in very bad taste when a wg mugs you off.

Offline thekman100

seconded and very disappointing. Have texted her several times today. No reply.  :angry:

I will persevere as I have, like, nil options locally, but if she doesn't reply, she doesn't earn. I don't get it.

Offline jesterman

Be interested to see if she did respond to you at all ?

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