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Author Topic: Disappointing effort at punting in Maidenhead  (Read 616 times)

Offline Dirtydd85

Tried a cheeky lunchtime punt this afternoon and disappointed on two counts . Walked from both girls.

1)porno tanya https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2974550

Block of flats near town centre . Girl switched profiles with the absolute hotty in the pictures. Flabby in all the wrong places and was rude when I said " you are not the girl from the pictures" . I`m so glad I walked.

2) Milf-Catherine - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2409183

Called up catherine as she is near the sainsburys .. She was well dressed , looked for like 45 , terrible smokers teeth , pretty flat chested and worst of all , very wrinkly.. I had to walk again but I mist say she was very polite , totally understood that she was not for me and say goodbye with a smile..

All in all , a very frustrating afternoon. Better luck next time.

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Offline Steely Dan

Sorry you had a shit day. 

Both of these can be reviews.  The first is a clear B&S negative.

Milf catherine is a bit more tricky. Not sure what I think - not met her.  I guess her pictures must be so misleading as to be lies, is that right?  If you felt misled, in spite of the helpful comments in the 2 previous reviews, then for you it is a B&S and could be a negative.  Seems a bit harsh, but it seems that if not B&S, then you are booking girls like it is a Soho walkup, which is not very sporting.  Still well done for walking ... none of us should pay for punts we don't fancy.

Offline Dirtydd85

I think porno tanya is defintely a bait and switch..

This labelling milf-catherine a b&s would be harsh . Her face pics are blurred so hard to say how she might have looked till you see her.. her pictures are defintely accurate .. just not my type .. maybe one for guys who like older women .. i want mine young and fresh .. which includes a 35 year old .. not a 45 year old that catherine might actually be !

Offline wombat

Sorry you had a bad day.

It's been over a year since I visited Milf Catherine, and I remember her teeth very well - not because they were "smokers teeth" but just because they were quite big like a rabbit!

Also, i'm late forties myself and can't believe that she is anywhere near me in age - i'd say late thirties is about right.

In Slough/Maidenhead area where I tend to roam the chance of seeing a nice young hotty who's either actually up for it or not Romanian is slim indeed.

Happy hunting and let us know if you find one.

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