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Author Topic: List of South East Escorts  (Read 775 times)

Offline Steely Dan

As per the subject, we now have our own page on the punting wiki. As a reminder:

*Anyone may edit the punting wiki.  It is a separate web site, so if you choose to help, you need to create a new user name and PW.  Best practice to use the same name as here.
*So if you think something is not right, fix it.  BE BOLD.  If you screw it up, it is easy to fix.  If you really don't want to edit yourself, you can PM me, and if I am not busy fucking miss splits, or playing with my dog, I may add it to my todo list.
*This list does not replace research.  But it might help you.  Consensus is to put on escorts with multiple positives.  No point in clogging it with girls to avoid (punters still need to search here), or one-hit-wonders.  That is not a binding choice.  If you want to add a girl to the list, go for it.
*SE is complex - the girls move around alot, and there is overlap with London and E England.  But still there are many girls who are here a lot, it seems helpful to capture.

if you want to help and you don't know how to get started see here:

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