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Author Topic: Bavaria & Austria  (Read 691 times)

So business takes me resonably frequently to Bavaria and Austria during which time I always commitments permitting try and find time to sample some of the local punting delights. Its worthy of note that Bayern (Bavaria) is very much the conservative/catholic area of Germnay where regional laws I believe officially do not allow OWO for example. However thats not to say its not available!  :D

Munich has a number of Laufhaus's and FKK's. I generally focus on the former as my time for visits is generally very limited and I like the in and out approach. Whilst there are some clip joints in the city centre the better establishments are to be found out in the suburbs.
Vitalia is located not far from the Bayern Munich Stadium on Helen Bogen Wessel which is a mainly industrial/commercial area. Its a typical two storey laufhaus with girls renting rooms and waiting with doors ajar for punters. I find the girls here change very frequently and have met girls of many nationalities here. Its seems its relatively close location to the airport means many European girls use it for that reason. My experiences here have been varied, some great some less so, but the most meorable was a black Italian girl Nadia, size 8, fake tits and a tight ass. 60 Euro's isthe normal fee but she gave a superior service to others and was greatful of the business as she spoke limied German, just Italian and English.
To the East of Munich again in a commercial/industrial area is Stahlgruberring where you will find many Laufhaus including the very large Caesars World. There is 4 floors of rooms and a bar on the ground floor. During the day the bar is closed only opening during the evening where some of the girls hang out. I personally avoid the bar and just progress straight up the stairs when I visit as the girls in the bar just want drinks buying and are looking to fleece the tourists that visit. My last visit I encountered a more mature polish blonde on the top floor, size 10, approx 32 e fake tits and a killer set of legs. She wanted a 100 Euro, told her thanks but no thanks and bartered her down to 60 Euro. She had one of the bigger rooms/apartments in the place. Soon had her on the bed, OW, reverse oral she was clean and tasted sweet (It was early afternoon) and then fucked her in various positions. despite her massaging my balls whislt I fucked her, I held out and much to her distain manged to fuck her in about 4 different positions before filling the rubber  ;)
If you visit this area by car there is plenty of on street parking, if coming by U Bahn the closest stop is Am Moosfeld and then its a short walk to the street. In total there must be at least 6 Laufhaus'son this street.

So thats a brief overview of the Munich locality, if you are heading East on the autobahn from Munich there is Lustra Erotic Park in Landshutt. Its a strange set up with a number of rooms in four different building across 3 different floors in each. Mostly EE girls of varying quality. On my last visit manged to fuck a tight young Romanian with jet black hair called Luisa. It was a bit of a pump and dump to be honest, but she was a pretty young thing and despite her moaning my cock was to big for her she eventually started pushing back on it when I was fucking her doggy  :cool:
Not top of my list this place, but if you are in need of a short diversion from the autobahn I can recomend it!

More to follow particuarly on the Austrian scene in my next post ....
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Look forward to it...anything good around Salzburg?

So finally time for part two, Austria. I generally travel around the business areas in the North (Upper Austria) so my report will focus on the establishments in that area.
Again its mainly Laufhaus's as I find they suit my needs, schedule and budget well. Its quite apparent that most of the girls in the Laufhaus's in Austria tour and visit various Laufhaus's. Most of these places are located very close to or directly on major roads and autobahns.
Laufhaus A9 is located South of Wels on the A9 in Reid am Traunkreis http://www.laufhausa9.at/2014/index.php/die-maedchen
Its spread over two floors with girls rooms both inside and rather bizarely around the base outside. It would seem the better girls are located outside and I have seen a number of various girls here over the years.

In the industrial town of Linz there are a number of establishments, but I tend to favour the Laufhaus at Ignaz-Mayerstrasse http://www.lh-linz.at/laufhof.
The Laufhaus is located in an industrial area and the doors/rooms are screened by a gate and fence around the single storey property. Again part inside, part outside you can wander up and down perusing the highly airbrushed poster pics outside the bedroom doors. If you select your lady you simply ring the doorbell providing they are free (frei) and start your discussions.

Finally in Salzburg things are more geared to the tourist market with many nightclubs including the legendary Pasha. However there is a Laufhaus Vesuv that I have frequented http://vesuv-laufhaus.at/. Its a bit seedy nad down at heel, but has a decent choice of girls. My most recent liason was with Monica Orsini whom speaks great English to complement my average German! She is pretty much in residence there and was well worth the money!

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Good stuff re Laufhaus Vesuv & A9!  :thumbsup:

Any ideas on prices paid & services??   :unknown:
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Well usual is 50/60 Euro for 30 minutes basic service suck/fuck etc, however you will get the hard up sell.
I paid Monica Orsini at Vesuv 100 Euro but stayed nearly an hour with anal and cum twice!

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