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Author Topic: Sweet girl adultwork  (Read 1149 times)

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Offline Mil 34

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3365449 or https://www.adultwork.com/SweetGirlAW - Get QR Code

Been looking for a punt with a small petite blond for a few weeks and up until today been unable to find someone suitable.

Looking through adult work this profile caught my eye and searched on here for any feedback.
Not much on here but I thought why not I was going to risk it.

Telephoned and got standard Romanian reply please text me.
I thought o here we go again but after a few pleasant texts managed to book an appointment for later on.
Thanks to traffic problems I was running extremely late so text her to say I was going to be 30 minutes late, no problem she said I will wait for you.
I was thinking this has to be too good to be true.
Finally arrived nearly 25 mins late so text again to say I was here , flat number given so up I went.
Her place is opposite the millennium centre down Cardiff bay.

Door opens to find a small petite blond girl about 5 ft tall with a big smile. She asks me how long I want to stay, 30 mins £80 a bit steep for Romanian prices but judging by her attitude this was not going to be your normal Romanian girl.
Offered a shower so took her up on this, when I came out of the bathroom she was lying on the bed, legs up the air, just a pair of red knickers and black hold up stockings on.

She has a typical Romanian body, absolutely fantastic, really tight and fit, a great arse and average sized boobs.
Well straight into owo and she's really good, plenty of licking , sucking, not too fast just right not to make you come too fast after about 5 minutes of this I am thinking I have to fuck her now. So on with the rubber and she gets on top. A few position s later I am thinking I am going to cum soon, so asks if she does cim, only for more money she says so I told her to sod off lol and bend back over while I fucked her hard doggy style until I emptied my bags into the rubber.

All in all a real shock to find a Romanian in Cardiff who gives a great service.
On speaking to her after the punt, she says she's half Moldovan. Maybe that's why she's a good punt.
She's going to be here for about 10 days she said if anyone fancies a go. There is another girl working out of the same flat but I didn't get to see her

9 review(s) found for Antonia31 linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Sounds good, but it does say in her description, no hidden charges or extras, yet she wanted to charge you extra for com, which is on the list?  Bit naughty that, with rates high for a Romanian.

Offline Redevil86

Yes, but two good punts in a week for you there m8 ,  good work and yes always a risk with a Roma, but from packing it in to two good on the trot in less than a week will keep you punting.

was French kissing on the menu?

Offline Mil 34

Yes kissing was on the menu but I couldn't be bothered lol. Just put my cock straight in her mouth lol.
Forever hung her ass is amazing her body is perfect.
I wasn't happy about her charging extra for cim but she was such a good fuck I wasn't that pissed off. My legs were trembling when I finished  :D

Offline Redevil86

Must say, trembly leg syndrome , that's what I had when I saw Jessy bee and struggled to get to my van , and that arse pic on sweet girls profile is the best arse pic I've seen since a yous'd to wank off to readers wives in escort and razzel , ( think that's what it was called ) Mags in my teens ! Happy days.

Do you remember walking the streets as kids and finding little bits of ripped pages from porno mags on the floor?  Picking them up and taking them home for a hand party?

Just fucking me again eh......  :wacko:

Offline Redevil86

All the time, I remember we used to find Polaroid pictures out side school in the mornings , randomly scatterd in the play ground sometimes, some perv was photographing himself shagging his girlfriend / wife / ? And leaving them for us kids to find ( high school ) amazing how many kids would be early for school to see if any more were left, don't know how many times these were left as most kids would keep them for a wank in the bogs latter ? Well I did !

Do you remember walking the streets as kids and finding little bits of ripped pages from porno mags on the floor?  Picking them up and taking them home for a hand party?

Just fucking me again eh......  :wacko:

I used to walk the dogs in the woods, and if you went off the beaten track, quite often I found wank-mags in bags hidden.  Took them home, hidden up my trouser-leg and spent many a happy evening enjoying the benefits of a good game of hide and seek.
The best I found was imported Scan mags (hard-core, and impossible to get in the 80s).  Bloody nearly broke my wrist!  :lol:

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