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https://www.adultwork.com/1543422 or

This punt happened a few months ago now whilst I was visiting Nottingham.

Whilst in Nottingham I found myself ridiculously horny and in need of some attention so I had a browse on Adultwork and found this girl, I was attracted to her due to her relatively low price, long list of services  and fact she was English. So I called her and arranged a half hour Incall for an hour later.

Her place was a nice flat in the middle of the city centre easy access and easy to find. She met me at the door wearing a skimpy office outfit as requested. She's fairly pretty with abit of acne but is girl in her photos Once inside I gave her money and she offered me refreshments, she had a stripper pole at the end of her bed and I believe she mentioned she was a stripper so seemed rude not to get a dance . I stripped off naked whilst she started to dance and give me a lapdance, after a couple minutes of this I could already feel myself ready to cum so we moved onto the bed.

This part didn't last so long, whether that's because I was unbelievably horny or because she was good I don't know, probably the first. Fucked her doggy then she moved ontop. She has a cracking arse due to a mirror at the end of the bed I could see it bounce as I fucked her, after a couple minutes I came into the condom. Roughly 15 -20 minutes had gone by and I normally become very disinterested after I cum once which happened again. I can't remember exactly how this came about but she offered to refund me £20 and make it a 15 minute session which was a bonus as she didn't need to do that. So I accepted got changed and left.

There was no kissing involved which normally I like but to be fair with the mood I was in I was there purely to fuck so didn't bother me, overall it was a good punt and if it wasn't for the fact I like to try out different girls I'd definitely revisit.

3 review(s) found for xElegantLadyx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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