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Author Topic: Private Club review - Friday 18th March - Couples perspective  (Read 1010 times)

So Friday night the wife and I hit the private club.

Its been around 8 months ish since our last visit, so first time we have seen the place since the revamp.

The main room is now where the old pool was, and whilst the main area is now a nicer environment to play in, its at a loss to the glory holes and a couple of private rooms.

There are now some strange off shoot rooms with just the leather sofas in - I cant quite work out what they are for? Lapdance rooms - that could work, but none of that happened on this night. Just strange - 2 rooms - one sofa in each - you cant really play too well in there.

The front part is still the traditional PC, but has lost its soul as there is now no play there.

What it has done is make the PC "cleaner" more crisp and look nicer, but this is not a restaurant and i personally think it has lost some of the seedyness - which we quite liked.

The other punters - around 15 guys there on this evening.

The girls - for me - Zoe, Zoe and Zoe - looks great and she was pretty busy all night.
The other two ladies - although pleasant enough - didnt float my boat - but nice ladies all the same.

Our fun - well the wife took to the bed and helped out and we both had fun with Zoe.

Sadly wasnt my best experience here - but better than the average Friday night!

Cheers Pete ;) great description. Was there other couples and did you notice any of single men playing with the female part of couples if any? Will be going soon

On this night - no other couples - just us.

My wife may well have entertained a couple of guys.

One guy just wanted to "fuck her feet" - well, what ever floats your boat fella.

Offline zarek37

Hi There
i will give a singles perspective as i was there that evening also.
Mr Close, you and your partner were well welcomed and a breath of fresh air to the private club that evening, your partner is very attractive and i am hoping she got the Jimmy Choo's she was promised.

This was my first visit for around 9 months but as my membership was about to expire i thought i thought I would give it a go.  I had stopped attending as i don't really enjoy the rugby scrum type of events and felt that these were becoming too frequent at this club, i guess its a combination of poor management, badly behaved members and maybe lower prices then down south encouraging  some idiots who just don't know how to respect women, but as i heard that there had been a change of management i thought i would give it a go.

3 girls in attendence, zoe, diamond and lorri, and i counted 13 punters, so about the right amount for 3 girls.  no one was being forceful and i think everyone left happy.  The new layout is nice. 

I do fear for the financial viability for this club, as i suspect they would have made a minor profit that evening and certainly  non sustainable long term.

Zoe was a star  and was being entertained all evening, diamond and lorri were fine .

Would i go again ? probably yes, but i am very selective on the days, i hate it when there are 20+ guys and 2 girls, a nightmare...as bizarre as it sounds i would probably go more if the price was higher (bring back TLC!!!)

If you are thinking about going, don't let the fact that tyla has moved on put you off, give it a go....

Offline Lewis

If you are thinking about going, don't let the fact that tyla has moved on put you off, give it a go....

Actually that's a good reason to now go to the club. The atmosphere is a lot better since she departed.

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