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Author Topic: Charlyxxxx Worcestershire  (Read 1071 times)

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Now Iv reviewed Charly before , so if it's bad form to review twice please delete

The reason I'm reviewing again is that if you have looked at her fantastically sexy photos, she looks a little bigger than she is.

She has lost some weight and is in amazing shape. Still curvy but very trim

As usual amazing location, dressed in very sexy black lingerie (her boobs are truly spectacular) and killer heels. Starts with her gorgeously sensual and very sexy kissing technique

To move things on she proceeded to get on all fours and crawl up the bed as a way of getting me to join her, however I grabbed her hips held her there and kissed all over her gorgeous arse and legs and teased her pussy through her knickers.

Turning her onto her back I licked and sucked her clit with 2 fingers inside her and after a very enjoyable time she squirted everywhere and left a very large wet patch on the bed. I do love how Charly gets so wet.

Restraining my hands above my head, lying there all stretched out on the bed she began teasing me all over and boy does she know how to tease, not once relieving me by taking my cock in her mouth

She even put her gorgeous pussy and arse in my face again in the 69 position but still didn't suck me.

More teasing and then back to the 69 position, this time I hit the right spot and she squirted again all over my face and in my mouth, finally I'm rewarded by her truly amazing (I think she is the best Iv found so far) oral technique. She then went and got a condom, my arms still above my head restrained, she proceeds with the oral and teases my arse and then proceeds to give me prostate massage, Iv never had it before, the condom was for her finger not my cock! I have to say that being restrained, charly's technique and although very weird to feel something in me for the first time, it was very enjoyable after a little while and combined with her oral I had one of the longest most powerful orgasms ever

Charly is just fantastic and someone I will visit until she retires.

She is difficult to book as she doesn't see many guys and its weekday day times only, but if you get the chance , GO!

6 review(s) found for Charlyxxxx linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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