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Author Topic: Louise delightful in Stafford  (Read 726 times)

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I saw Louise for a late ish evening appointment, I had been out all day getting world up and I really needed to sex and her communication was excellent and I was soon on my way

I had seen reviews on aw so I was expecting the venue to be not the best, it basically has no carpet on the stairs and needs paint or wallpaper, not a big problem as the house and location is fine don't be put off. I did feel however someone, prob her chap , is in the house. There was dance music on quite loudly in the front room, but I think I heard a couple of noises, nothing that put me off and shouldn't put you off either.

Louise herself is way better looking than her private gallery suggests, now if I had viewed it before I met her I have to say I would have prob not seen her, she doesn't look great in some of the photos facially but in real life she is a nice looking girl. Her body is not to the taste of guys who like toned girls, but I find her really sexy, I like natural curves and her bum from behind is fantastic, very sexy.

Once up to the bedroom, paperwork sorted, she offered me a drink, use of bathroom and went downstairs to get herself a glass of water. When she came back it started with a giggle at how tall I am and how short she is, this was obviously very beneficial for certain activities! She also made it quite clear her bum is a total no go zone. No anal anything of any sort.

She kisses very enthusiastically and is a great kisser, between kisses she told me how much she loved to suck cock and that don't be afraid to spank her, pull her hair and generally be quite naughty. She wasn't kidding either starting off on the bed me lying down she kissed me all over and made her way to my cock which was desperate to be in her mouth after all the teasing, she really built me up, once she did finally take me she is very very good at it. After various technique changes she knew I was close and said to me that she wanted me standing up, a few other things were said between her sucking me but I was so close I don't remember. Holding her hair, looking up at me and edging me for quite a while I nearly chocked the poor girl but she kept sucking and took all of my cum, swallowed and didn't take me out of her mouth. I felt a bit guilty as she was getting her breathe back and had watery eyes, she asked me with a very out of breathe voice to scuse so she could get her drink. I blatantly must have cum a lot, but she was fine and took it in her stride. I had clearly been working myself up all day! Still feel a bit guilty about it, she's a lovely girl! Lol

Louise sitting on the bed and then standing up we laughed at how on my knees I'm still nearly as tall as her lol

I asked what she liked and she kept saying it was my time. So I kissed her all over back and front and then very slowly made it to her very wet and very lovely pussy, she has quite large lips which doesn't put me off and she was very receptive oral and fingers, I had a lot of fun teasing her and clearly pushing some of her buttons , after she had cum she grabbed my hand, "let me taste that cum", proceeded to look me In the eyes and suck my fingers clean. Cock well and truly up for round 2!

She was very keen for me to spark her, so from behind while holding a hand full of hair and spanking her gorgeous arse, while she looked back at me and said all kinds of naughty things, pulling her hair, spanking, I got quite distracted and this went on quite a while until I felt her get a lot tighter, it got a lot wetter and she clearly came again and more vocally this time which made me cum not long afterwards. Fantastic hour and very horny!

As with my other review of sophiarose, you boys close to Stafford are spoilt with these 2 girls. I had 2 excellent punts and will 100% be seeing both girls again prob several times. 

2 review(s) found for LouiseDelightful linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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