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Author Topic: gemma scorpio sauna edin  (Read 885 times)

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Offline tojosmith

i went up to scorpio  about a week ago  picked gemma you cant go wrong she offers everything  one sexy woman very tall  she is one dirty bitch in the room .  one thing i will say shes the best ive ever had at rimming  no one can beat her she has you on the bed she spreads those checks and gives your arse a good licking .  she once told me she had done three guys at once in the room she had a cock in every hole i think is girl would be up for any thing.   
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When I used to come into Edinburgh, Gemma was a favourite - numero uno! Unfortunately, we fell out over something really stupid - to be honest, it was problem of Charlie's making. I parted with a lotta cash for her services & enthusiasm then, at least once or twice every week, & to be honest, would still do so happily!!! Alas, I haven't been into Scorpios for a couple of years now - pitty!

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