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Author Topic: Big Tit Natural Or Fake Punt Glasgow  (Read 385 times)

Offline Micky5633

Hi folks,

New to the site, have watched without being a member but decided to bite the bullet and join.

So I have seen a few girls from AW now Maisie, Kacie Clark, Chanellexxx then a few not so memorable ones but I was new to punting and went for some safe starter punts.

So my fetish as you can see from the title is big tits, don't want the bird to be fat and hacket though. Also I don't drive so I tend to like the girls I meet to be located in the city centre. If any of you have seen the 3 girls mentioned above then you know how handy there hotel is to someone getting off the train from central!

Look forward to hearing from you all and no doubt get bummed up in the process!

Offline Micky5633

Bammed up#

I'm just asking for it now. Great first post typo!

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