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Author Topic: Miss Eve - Basingstoke. The Most Fun A Guy Can Have Clothed Or Unclothed.  (Read 1869 times)

9 review(s) for Miss_Eve (7 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I like to think I don't really pull any punches with reviews that I do on here (see my particularly scathing pieces on the two absolute tramps Honey 69 and Cute Chantal XX) but warning in advance that this is going to seem both fluffy and potentially vomit inducing.

https://www.adultwork.com/1763642 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss%5FEve

I've had Eve on my hotlist probably since close to the birth of Christ our lord and saviour, but always said she didn't look appealing enough to justify seeing her at such a hefty hourly rate. I've tried to get out of the game a few times now but it really has become an addiction for me-I successfully stopped for a period last summer when I got back with my on-off "love"-*yuck* interest of 3 years (read: fucking psychopath) and then relapsed into the easiness of the punt. Thank god I did get back into it and tire of the various travelling Romanian circuses that occasionally sweep through the sleepy dustbowl town we know as Basingstoke (number 9 on 2003's crap town list-lest we forget) too, or I would never have met this extraordinary lady who I have seen 3 times in the space of 3 weeks.

As with my last few reviews i'm not going into explicit details (not least because I've seen her 3 times recently so am more reviewing her than the meetings), but I believe that everything advertised is offered. I'm really quite a vanilla guy but I'm aware that she does offer all kinds of kinky shit, some of which she has asked if I'd like to try but i'm more there for her stellar GFE experience in all honesty.

Facially she is gorgeous, I prefer it when her hair is up so you really can see all of her beautiful features, her face somewhat reminiscent of my pubescent self's favourite glamour model to stick magazine pages together whilst ogling-Lucy Pinder.

She is larger framed than a lot of girls you'll find on AW as played competitive Rugby in her youth (well I say youth, she's only 26!) and is an avid gym-freak now (being an on-off bodybuilder of 5-6 years myself who is quite out of shape and unmotivated at the moment I have little doubt that she is stronger than myself and most blokes I know-easily capable of dominating an average gent if that's what you're in the market for) but is incredibly toned with an archetypal hourglass feminine figure; a very shapely arse perfected from god knows how many sets of barbell squats and flutter kicks and boosted by a fantastic pair of enhanced double Fs (as I'm sure I have mentioned before, I am a lover of fake tits anyway but enhanced breasts are almost a necessity for any serious female bodybuilder wishing to retain a look of femininity) complete with very sensitive and responsive nipples that Eve loves to have sucked and played with and a beautiful vagina that is best placed directly onto my face, my tongue doing it's best Moses impression while her labia play the part of the Red Sea. Unlike her AW pics, she is also quite moderately-heavily tattooed on her back, arms and legs, obviously they've been edited out in the interest of her discretion as they are rather distinctive.

One of the things I like most about her, and I've told her this, is the fact that she is downright bloody filthy without the need for explicit swearing and over the top acting. Her subtle inferences at what she wants to do to you/have you to do to her, coupled with her "plummy" (a synonym for posh apparently, hadn't heard it before meeting her) accent, I find more appealing than the usual "f*** my c***" type dirty talk I'm generally accustomed to. I also love how she uses the meets to get herself off, i'm quite certain genuinely enjoying it with her asking me after I pulled out of hard round of missionary on our last meeting if I was finished and just going to leave her waiting or if she'd have to finish herself off.   

i just genuinely love talking to her too, I've found in the past I'm constantly thinking of things to talk about between "rounds" to alleviate the strained silences, with many an awkward pause or at the risk of sounding a bit like a knob, I just don't care what the girl has to say and just want to fuck them silly until I'm empty. Each time I've seen Eve, the conversation is just so natural, we've chatted for 40+ minutes of a 2 hour booking before she's reminded me why I'm actually there and instigated play whilst I've just been led nattering and not thinking about it . This is the really, fluffy borderline pathetic/naive bit i'm sure, but I genuinely trust her and (god I know this sounds ridiculous as i'm writing it) but I think, certainly in my mind, from the 6 hours I've spent with her, I regard her to be a friend, someone I genuinely love to spend time with. She's funny, a good listener, articulate and seems as open with me as I am with her. I go in there and look forward to communicating with her as opposed to most other girls where I just go in and want to shag them as hard as i can and drag it out as long as I can. Maybe she's just a very good actress and I'm a naive twat who's fallen for it and everyone who sees her comes away with the same experience as me but I think we click that well that if we'd met under different circumstances we might have been fast friends-who knows?

As I say I can't comment on any of the other stuff but if you're looking for a GFE, she is unparalleled. For me, seeing her is like the fun bit of having a girlfriend but without the commitment involved. Great skills, great looks, great personality-it's a yes from me guys.

You're all more than welcome for the laugh at my expense and my apologies if you did genuinely throw up in your mouth reading this fluff.

Happy punting gents.


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9 review(s) found for Miss_Eve linked to in above post (7 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Fluffiness is fine, but the problem is that punters writing fluffy reviews have their heads so far in the clouds with a girl, they forget to actually put any detail - and yours is a classic example of this.

Other than DATY, we gain absolutely no idea about services this WG provides - something punters would want to know before parting with £200!

GFE is a widely used term, but very few escorts actual deliver it. Therefore, to clarify, can you confirm she offers DFK and OWO, and is responsive in oral/FS - and any info on technique/enthusiasm, given her whopping fee?

Offline SJ772

I've seen her a few times and I can understand how the OP can go a bit fluffy over her, she is really nice to spend time with and you can get lost in the whole dreamy GFE thing if you let yourself.   In answer to your questions, yes she offers DFK and OWO and has in general swallowed my entire load, and in my limited experience yes she is responsive in FS and oral.

Apologies if you didn't find it descriptive enough. As I mentioned, everything she mentioned in her enjoys list is offered and I did say she is very skilled at the end but don't fancy going into particularly lurid step by step detail as I might have done in some of my previous reviews. Only thing I should probably note is that she did mention that she will only do CIM if she's in the mood for it, i.e. if she doesn't want to, she won't-it's not something that happens merely by request. Personally I haven't finished in her mouth (although not for her lack of trying on my last two visits) as she wanked me off onto her lips and chin on the first visit and I sprayed all over her boobs during the subsequent two. She did lick up and swallow a good portion of it each time though and actually asked me to do so the 2nd time but personally I can't think of much more gag-worthy than licking up my own man-juice (except almost certainly some other blokes).
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Offline ness4

I've had her in my to do list for ages too...but £200 an hour just puts me off every time.  :(

Offline Cunning Punt

Different guys go for different services, so it's good to have confirmation of specifics and a brief judgment of how well they are delivered, particularly when punters are expected to pay such a high fee.

We don't need a lurid, blow-by-blow description.
SJ772 provided more info in his brief response than you did in several hundred words. In fact, he gave the basic details in one sentence.

In answer to your questions, yes she offers DFK and OWO and has in general swallowed my entire load, and in my limited experience yes she is responsive in FS and oral.

So thanks to the OP and SJ772 for the updates. We now have a reasonable impression of the WG and her services, though for £200ph, many punters would want guaranteed CIM and it seems from the OP's second post, that it is not.

Offline Stiltskin

I've had her in my to do list for ages too...but £200 an hour just puts me off every time.  :(

I only do half hour bookings and £140 for 30mins is even worse. I've had some great GFE's in Basingstoke over the years, sometimes with girls that had almost perfect faces and bodies. I've never paid more than £80 for 30mins in Basingstoke.

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