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Author Topic: miss splits Maidenhead wharf  (Read 1242 times)

7 review(s) for Miss Splits  (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Ok since a recent thread turned out to be perhaps the most confusing ever seeded here (no pun intended) here is my review of Shannon to help those that are still wondering whether to dive in.

I had my first punt 12 years ago and Shannon, quite simply provided the best experience I have ever had.


Comms were ok - lots of texts and some flirting by her. She made inquiries regarding what I wanted her to wear - I picked out an outfit from her Twitter pictures, parked up opposite her communal entrance block of flats and buzzed through.  Very nice apartment.

All reviews I have read - positive or otherwise - describe her as being very tall, in magnificent shape, very pretty and with small boobs.  Yep they're bang on.  I guess I didn't expect her to be so hot and even with high expectations I was surprised.  160 quid for the hour.

It was mind blowing.  She is a proper sub and demanded to be restrained whilst I went to work on her.  For an investment of 160 quid I got gagging deep throat with lots of spitting and eye contact, RO, anal, some really passionate DFK.  The hour flew by and I asked to extend but she had another appointment.

A really nice girl too - banter was good - she is pretty smart and seemed genuinely concerned if I had enjoyed myself.

So - that's my two penneth.  I'm not overstating when I say it was fucking incredible.

Hope this helps those that are a little confused

7 review(s) found for Miss Splits  linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for this review, as we were none the wiser about the girl after the previous review, apart from the fact she was unsure about her 90mins rate - an issue, which according to the WG, seems to have been resolved amicably.

However, if she wasn't out of many people's price bracket at £160ph, she will be at her new hourly fee of £180ph - and while you may get anal, you are unlikely to get CIM, according to her profile.

If her phone gets dusty no doubt her price will hopefully tumble. Cheers for the review OP.

Thanks gents - not my style to post a reactive review following one I disagree with - but in this case I thought it warranted.  All the beast...hairy

...and yes I didn't experience cim although I didn't request either...

From my experience she doesn't do CIM.

However again from my experience she will apply her wisdom and experience to ensure your money is well spent!

Trust me guys she is worth it. Personally I would prefer to spend £150+ and have an amazing time than £100 on an average time.

I have just found this out from www.adultwork.com/3391034. She was OK, but nothing to write home about. - although I will put a review in!

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