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Author Topic: Maria brazil / soraya  (Read 1817 times)

5 review(s) for body_to_body_massage (3 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Keema

I think your review also has confirmed for me not to book the 4 hand massage, I'd be expecting...strangely not a 4 hand massage, but to fuck them both :D

And that's nor Erica  joining in - just in case someone has a problem linking the reviews

Offline fairfield


[Link added by admin]

On mobile so any links much appreciated
30 + years of punting this is a first bait and switch. .......
Scones, commiserations from across the border.
Yet best review i've read in 3 months on here. Gotta be prime contender for any 'Review Hall of Fame'. Guess you have to suffer for your 'art.' - but what brilliant art!
Most liked your light sabre shot at the end.     May (the sense of) the 'farce' be always be with you.

5 review(s) found for body_to_body_massage linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Glad you enjoyed it some folks on here got no sense of humour it's only a fekin bit of fun  :hi:


[Link added by admin]

On mobile so any links much appreciated
30 + years of punting this is a first for me bait and switch.
Having said last week on forums decided to up the anti and get a bit of quality fanny see how the taz's of this world roll. Trying to book a piece of quality fanny has proved to be a difficult chore hooking up times to suit both parties thought I had cracked it with Sarah / hornyhottie but she cancelled me 30 mins before punt fair enough things can happen. Anyway was scanning awork for substitute prostitute and maria's  profile came up thought I would go join the Brad pitt gang .Fired off a text which she replied quickly too saying that she could see me in 30 mins ya beauty big brazilian to the rescue.Made my way to her place near gallowgate was buzzed up telling me to use stairs as the lift was dodgy only one flight so no problem. Gets to door with usual pre punt nerves exitement to be met by maria ??? No you're no maria standing in the doorway is a small munchkin like girl thought maybe maid? Pal? Bouncer? Anyway goes in to bedroom fuckin mess clothes everywhere needing a good clean a massage table and a unmade bed linen covered in dubious stains .So a says where's the big amazonian princess  (a seriously did say that ) and the wee munchkin just fukin looks and laughs pointing at herself saying I'm soraya no maria.A fuckin gathered that so you are all thinking same as I was walk away but when your baws are full and have a severe dose of the horn sometimes dick overrides brain am thinking she is a munchkin but no really ugly just no as braw as a tollcross czech granny am gonna see where this goes.So give her the £50 folded which she leaves the room to deposit probably to the big brazilian hoor who obviously pulling the strings here.Gets ma clobber off and lie face down on table waiting on yodette to come back she starts rubbing and I mean rubbing ma back like washing  a motor or heavily clapping a dug complete Shite so a turns over and she unhook her bra to release half descent tits about 34c had a wee play and nibble on them and she then literally grabs ma boaby and painfully starts to wank it woah a says calm doon yer gony fukin break it so a goes to take her knickers off no go shakes her head only hand job fuckin 50 quid for a wank and a play at her tits she sees am no best pleased and gets a condom which because I'm semi can't get on me so I do it for her and she proceeds to give me 30 seconds of the worst oral I have ever had stop a said took bag off and began pulling ma ain puddin haven't blew in ages so didn't take long to feel like popping this is the only good bit of the punt I'm a projectile cummer so caught her lovely on the side of her wee munchkin face she was fukin raging maybe it was worth it thinking back to her wee strop running aboot for tissues like a fukin star wars extra I genuinely was pml at this point so the meeting came to early bad tempered end .
Looks 2
Personality 0
Heavy handedness 10
Duckability 0

https://www.adultwork.com/3448809 or https://www.adultwork.com/soraya+hot+uk

Is this the girl you saw then?

5 review(s) found for body_to_body_massage linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Aye she looks like a tranny umpaloompa in those pics  :lol:

I've seen Maria at her last flat countless times. Always got a great service at a good price. Very disappointing to hear this happened to you. It's put me off seeing her again. Maybe time for Maria to get a place of her own again as it does sound as though her flatmate is stealing her punters.

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