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Author Topic: Louise of Stoke on Trent  (Read 906 times)

5 review(s) for Stokeylouise (1 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Found myself with a couple of hours spare whilst working in Stoke so I thought I'd have a little fun. After browsing a certain sit I'd thought I'd stay away from the EE girls and play safe with a English girl with good reviews so I booked Louise for a hour.

Communication was good and I got the normal directions to the street and then call for the house number upon arrival. The house itself is where she lives and is a bit untidy and had a funny smell.

Now Louise is a very petit little thing and quite attractive and the glasses look was doing it for me. Unfortunately things went down hill from there. Money out of the way, she asked me to get undressed and lay on the bed. No kissing or taking each other's clothes off. Very poor massage with lots of chat and boy can she talk. She was also replying to texts during the massage which was very off putting.

I was then asked to turn over and it was straight into OWO. Once again, no kissing just straight into the blow job. I asked if I could return the favour and she then put the condom straight onto the old boy as she said oral makes her horny and she didn't want to hang around.

After 10 minutes of giving and with the odd moan and text reply, it was on to the main event. This was me on top as she'd got a bad back. It must have only been 5 minutes and she wanted me to sit on her chest so she could wank me off. No other positions, she just wanted me to come ASAP.

After a quick clean up she spent the next 10 - 15 minutes talking and replying to texts. I had to ask if it was a two cum service in the hour. She then Just played with my cock as she wouldn't do OWO again as she didn't like the taste of condoms. Even though I'd clean every last drop off with a wet wipe. Then came the old, you need to finish soon as your time is up. But I'd still got 20 minutes left. She then told me that she finished the punt 10 minutes early so the client can get dressed. That was the final straw. I'd had enough so I decided to get dressed only coming once in the hour.

So to sum up my meet with Louise.  Plenty of talking and not much kissing. Lots of texting and not much action. And to make matters worst, when I left my clothes stunk of smoke. So I'm afraid I won't be going back. Sorry


5 review(s) found for Stokeylouise linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Sorry you had a shit time, clearly taking bad advice avoiding EE escorts, take my advice just avoid escort with bad feedback like this one already has.

Thanks for reviewing now she has 2 negatives hopefully will keep good punters away !

Hope your next one is good !  :drinks:

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