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Author Topic: Exquisite Emma CDF  (Read 946 times)

1 review(s) found for Emma E Cardiff  linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I think the agency swap the photos, and the ladies use each other's profiles,


Offline Rgr1357

I agree. I looked at verification photo and it's a girl who has had 3/4 different names in the past month. Something not right there.

I'm not sure if the verification photo is the lady in the gallery, although the verification photo looks good, not 100% its he same lady in all the photos.

There's probably only one way to find out !!


I will arrange visit for sometime over the weekend, text her earlier and got a text from a different number when trying to arrange booking!

Offline Redevil86

Hope this girl turn out to be genuine, on my h l , over the month Cardiff companions and some others, have had some great looking and reviewd girls, then for some crazy reason the girls all change names etc and it all becomes confusing and ends up putting guys off which surely defeats the object of this type of operation ? Who ever runs these things should get your head out of which ever girl your getting a freebie off and run the business in a business like way and we'll all be happy, until then most of us will go else where.

Will try booking on Friday night, profile says working until late,


Richard, did u have booking last night?  It may be a duplicate profile with Eva at Cardiff a Companions, hope it's the girl in verified picture.

I met Emma today, pretty girl but didn't do much for me and won't return.  Will provide a review tommorrow.

When I phoned on Friday she was fully booked, so I didn't see her in the end,


Richard, added my review from my 30 min booking with Emma.

Thanks, have just read it, sounds like it was a nightmare, sorry to hear that.
When I rang the agency they said she was fully booked.

I guess it starts to make sense why ladies like Polish Olivia in Cathays is popular. Friendly personality, cosy warm bedroom, nice underwear, no rush or clock watching  etc,


Offline greggspeter

    :scare: It doesnt help with loyalty to do that and me for one will steer clear of dishonest pimps  :angry:
Banning reason: Abandoned account of PurpleMinion

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