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Author Topic: LovelyAnnabelle - Northolt  (Read 2267 times)

9 review(s) for WonderfulAnnabelle (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline edc770

I have a soft (or should that be hard?) spot for fresh-faced, petite girls and so despite some mixed reviews on here I decided to pay Annabelle a visit. To be on the safe side I didn't let my dick completely take control and opted for just half an hour at a sensible £60.

Comms were handled by text over the course of a few days and answered promptly. Clear directions to a modern, discrete flat between Greenford and Northolt were given.

Positives. Absolutely gorgeous face and body, was wearing glasses during my visit  :dance:, plus that tartan school uniform from the profile pic  :yahoo:. Photos are accurate as is the age quoted in the profile. A very pleasant young lady with pretty good English skills. A joy to look at naked.

Negatives. Not the most adventurous WG, has a bit of a clean obsession (not all bad though), not the most responsive.

I arrived early, texted Annabelle and waited a few minutes for her to be ready. Was let in just a few minutes after booked start time and led to the bedroom. Annabelle was wearing the horrible pink dressing gown that others have described and it is not flattering at all - I was apprehensive. After sorting out the paperwork and freshening up I was asked to strip off and lie on the bed. She was still in the dressing gown as she broke out the wet wipes and ensured that I was clean enough to start. Things suddenly looked up when the gown came off to reveal a perfect lithe body in the school girl outfit.

She asked what I wanted to do (must like to plan out her encounters, but a good opportunity for me to set the agenda), and I went for the usual sequence of BJ, RO, cowgirl and attempt to finish in mish. Having those negative reviews in the back of my mind, I asked her to get naked too, which she did, and I suddenly got rock hard. Magnificent B cup tits with nice nips as described. A condom was slipped on and some OW began. I noticed that she had some sort of small scab by her mouth, so would have insisted on OW anyway, and also made no attempt at any kissing so can't comment about that. She came up for air quite a lot during the OW and didn't take me that deep, so could have been better. Some RO followed which allowed a good opportunity to explore down there as well as grope those tits. I think she liked it but was not especially responsive or vocal.

Onto the main event and time to fuck. She lubed herself up and climbed on for cowgirl. She is tight and I couldn't get that deep. Us thrusting together and me able to grope further and admire those tits bouncing was a definite improvement, especially when she began playing with my nipples. With around 10 minutes to go I sensed that it was time to move to mish if I wanted any chance of not having to bring myself to completion, so we changed positions and I entered her. After about 5 minutes of this with the pace slowly quickening and a few encouraging sounds from her, I shot my load, pleasingly inside her, before climbing off, cleaning up and having a quick chat before heading off.

So to conclude, based on me achieving my objective of shagging this outrageously cute girl, this punt sits on the positive side of neutral despite the slightly vanilla service. If you like your girls fresh-faced and petite, then Annabelle is for you, and 30 minutes is probably sufficient. If you prefer them with a little more 'edge', responsiveness and to provide an intense, varied GFE or PSE, then maybe not.

Link https://www.adultwork.com/3129057

9 review(s) found for WonderfulAnnabelle linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

Dude no disrespect meant but you must be out of your mind!, I had practically the same experience and I gave her negative.
I was seriously thinking to tell her to retire thats how unenjoyable I thought the experience was.
she does have really soft and smooth skin but that is about it for positives.

She worse that pink gown (which is as sexy as a burka) for what seemed like an eternity, she wouldnt let me put more than 3 inches inside her and she kept asking if I was okay after the crap sex.

It seems that the pink gown is famous for all the wrong reasons... :scare:

Offline edc770

That's a fair point Jimmy and I thought for a long time about what score to give. In the end I went just on the positive side of neutral as getting the opportunity to spend some time with a naked and highly attractive, trim 18 year old was my main reason for setting up the punt.

Although the sex was vanilla (which I had expected) and the best aspect of it was watching who was at the receiving end of my dick, there was nothing that fell below expectations nor any nonsense like clock watching or phone checking etc which would have definitely dragged it to down to neutral or negative. I also asked myself whether I would go back - I think I would for 30 minutes and paying no more than 60 quid.

It's punts like this where this site comes into its own, and punters can weigh up factors like looks vs. services offered etc. to manage expectations. Hopefully our discussion will help someone else decide one way or the other.  :drinks:

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review.

But, to clarify, bearing in mind I saw her in December 2014, I doubt - or rather hope - she is not 18 now...

Offline edc770

Ah, yes, I see. I'd be willing to believe that she's actually 19/20 despite what she said during the meet but I would doubt much more than that.

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