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Author Topic: avoid these at all cost  (Read 2583 times)

Well, first of all, I just found out about this site, wish I had found it years ago!!

Recently I visited some girls from aw, just wanted to mention about the ones to avoid, so one else does the same mistake as i did..
as i live in east london, i always try to visit girls in east london, and i guess probably my mistake is i always call them up, ask whatever need to know before the punt, reading forums here i think i need to register and book through aw, but the girls in east london area mostly from EE, they never check their mail. Now back to the main cause the profiles I want to warn you guys are


I visited her in a house in leyton, over the phone she was nice and felt like very enthusiastic, but in the meeting after getting paid she started showing her dont do this and that..very cold owo without any effort, lying on her back like a stone, no efforts at all..


she works from the same house as the one mentioned above, has a nice body, but again attitude problem..once paid, everything apart from putting a condom on your dick and tons of lube is off the list..


over the phone she will agree to owo, kissing etc, but once you start your session, she seems to be annoyed that you are f****g her!!

for now thats all guys..will try to post more..a number of them has left aw and i am new to this my writings might not be well organised, hope this helps somebody..


Offline bigone

£60 a hour :wacko:these girls must have a very high turnover,mabe thats why the service is bad ? :D

Actually I also decided that from now should visit the high end..atleast some of them will be worth it..

Offline thebigrunt

To Shadow, sorry to hear you had a bad punt. could you go into more detail about the so called "m.i.l.f. n.a.t.a.s.a." as in like did she do all the things suggested on her profile page?, is she attractive (i.e. a milf) in real life?, is she Eastern European or ENglish?, is she clean? is she a complete waste of time? etc :rolleyes:

u say shes annoyed ur fucking her, in what way? could u elaborat


Online Steve2

Actually I also decided that from now should visit the high end..atleast some of them will be worth it..

Maybe, maybe not

Offline yumyum3

Sorry to hear you had some shit punts with a group of ladies but I hope this thread isn't going to start talking up prices  :rolleyes: There is enough info on this board if you look around to help you. Just look at posts from Steve2 for example and that may save you and other new posters from thinking higher prices mean better service. They don't.

OOps, Steve2 just beat me to it.

Offline Daffodil

Excellent first post (and subsequent posts). Some people have said an introductory message from new posters would be worthwhile. I don't think it's necessary as good members will post good information regardless.

Welcome to the forum  :drinks:

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