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Author Topic: Colombian Carolina Kensington  (Read 1639 times)

Offline Candyman

She does. A bit out of most punter's budget. Not sure she is Colombian either as seen her advertised elsewhere as Brazilian meaning she could be Romanian trying to palm herself off as South American

Offline Candyman

Disappointing. I can't see myself paying that much for a Romanian girl given their terrible rep on here although I have seen some half decent ones in the past. Shame because she looks great and was tempted despite her v high rate. How are you sure she is Romanian?

Offline jabq

She is not Romanian

My experience with her was in general good, I would recommend her for some one looking for a teenager experience

Offline Candyman

What is a teenager experience and what nationality is she?

Could you post a review please?

Offline deusuk

I saw her probably 20x over 1 year 2 years ago, she used to live in bayswater before and she is 100% Romanian.

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